Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Notice: This property is a farm



  1. Lastly... 'Newcomers: Nobody cares about where you came from, especially California.'
    Montana Guy

  2. And on farms you encounter a lot of MBM. Mud, blood and Manure. You should hear the city yokels yell if they see you go out in the field and shoot a steer in the head. How they think it's supposed to get from hoof to plate without butchering, I don't know.

  3. That sign is so funny.
    I recently got a flock of hens and one very studly rooster. He is doing his best to keep his girls happy with outdoor sex. Must be all that fresh air.

  4. Trailer Courts are like that too.--ken

    1. Just replace the word "farm" with "trailer park" and you've got it!!

  5. I don't mind living next to a farm but what I do mind is the farmers not keeping their fences fixed.
    I have lost my entire garden 5 different times. Not one of these 3 farmers offer payment. the last time it happened I informed the farmers next
    time one of the cows will go in my freezer and for some reason the farmers have put up new fences. lol By the way I dearly love all 3 of these farmers, one is my cousin :)

  6. This made me laugh so hard. Just like you guys we here in Texas get our fair share of city folks and Californians... Or the dreaded combo of both and the results can be very entertaining.

    Such as the one story of how a couple built a custom home on some rural property only to become upset when their farming neighbor plowed his fields which kicked up dust. How did they handle this? They called the sheriffs department.

    When the local sheriff got out there to see what the ruckus was about he nearly died laughing as he explained how there is no zoning laws nor bans on plowing and this ain't the city.

  7. All the poster's here are Anonymous farmer's apparently who know where their proverbial bread is buttered, it looks like to me. And my name is Chuck by the way. And I enjoy your website...

  8. I struggle because we're trying to buy a farm and everything is so ridiculously overpriced. We find something and the thing is a farm, but you can't have more than 5 chickens...per person. and one adult livestock animal per acre. how I dread provoking the neighbors wrath by growing our own food, which includes all the above mentioned on the sign. So the search continues. husband doesn't want to leave his job, understandably. but we can't find the land. homeless upon closing in a couple months. trusting God, and trying not to freak out with 4 young mouths to feed. the regulations and ridiculousness of trying to farm now a days here is insane. Sigh. It's book worthy no doubt, if we can ever make it.

  9. Funny same with people building next to a hog farm or the city annexing s farmstead with hogd then enacting laws to prohit growing hogs etc ( btw they are grandfathered in lol)....