Monday, May 2, 2016

Feel the “magics”

Every so often I get a spam blog comment that's so funny I just have to share it. Here's a classic case in point. Read this through so you, too, can feel the "magics" and (among much else) "remove the black spot that keeps on taking your money away."


Hello friends..i never believe and tough that me and my ex husband could ever come back and live life happily again after been divorce for years..I never believed in Love Spells or Magics until I met this special spell caster when, i contacted this man called .Dr Okeyto. me and my husband was going on a divorce..i thought it was a joke and when my husband came back from work he tender to me a divorce letter and he packed all my properties away from is house..i ran mad and i tried all i could to have him back because i love him and i really want him back but all did not work out..i was lonely for almost 5years.So when i told the spell caster what happened he said he will help me and he asked for his full name and his picture..i gave him that..At first i was skeptical but i have to gave him a try cos i have tried so many spell casters and there was no when he finished with the readings,he got back to me that him is with a woman and that woman is the reason why he left me.The spell caster said he will help me with a power spell that will surely bring him back.but i never believe all this.he told me i will see a positive result within 24 hour..24 hour later after the spell has been cast,him called me himself and came to me apologizing and him toldme he will come back to me..I cant believe this,it was like a dream cos I never believe this will work out after trying so many spell casters and there was no solution..The spell caster is so powerful and after that he helped me with a pregnancy spell and i got pregnant again ..we are now happy been together again and with lovely kids..This spell caster has really changed my life and i will forever be thankful to him..he has helped many friends too with similar problem and they are happy and thankful to him..This Dr Okeyto is indeed the most powerful spell caster that i have ever experienced in life..Am Posting this to the Forum in case there is anyone who has similar problem and still looking for a way out.

1. Get your scam money back
2. Bring back lost lover, even if lost for a long time
3. Remove bad spells from homes, business & customer attraction etc.
4. Get promotion you have desired for a long time at work or in your career.
5. Read all your problems before you even mention them to him
6. Remove the black spot that keeps on taking your money away
7. Find out why you are not progressing in life and the solution
8. Eliminate in family fights
9. Ensure excellent school grades even for children with mental disabilities
10.Stop your marriage or relationship from breaking apart
11. heal barrenness in women and disturbing menstruation
12. Get you marriage to the lover of your choice
13. Guarantee you win the troubling court cases & divorce no matter how what stage
14. Ensure success in work and business
15. Mental illness & bewitched
16. Can?t sleep at night or walking at night
17. Recover stolen property and whereabouts of people that hurt you.
18. Bring supernatural luck into your life
19. Do you need help to win a lottery
20. Pregnancy spell to conceive baby

you can reach him here. [email deleted] or contact him on his number [phone number deleted] /whats-app..he is willing n ever ready to help.okay. This is what i want to tell you all out there,That is thinking that all hope is lost ..Thanks to you all

Joyceken Williams May 1, 2016 at 10:42 AM


  1. Gee, now why would we think 'all hope is lost'?
    Montana Guy

  2. Oh, how delightful!

    Though I'm not sure I want to eliminate in family fights--there is likely enough manure flying around during a fight--and if I ever possessed "scam money" or had "cancer-coronary-artery-herpes" I don't think I'd be able to live with myself either way.

  3. Yes, that black hole is a major concern of mine, too! (I notice the language is similar to that of a Nigerian prince that I used to hear from a lot.)

    1. It just might be the prince considering the first item listed is "1. Get your scam money back".

  4. Bahahaha! Does this person have a magic spell to block fake IRS calls? ('cause that might tempt me....)

  5. Oh, my goodness. I don't even know what to say.

  6. When ever I see one of these or about the Nigerian prince I always think that they would not keep doing them unless they got some folks to bite. I have heard about many old folks getting scammed because our generation is so much more trusting.

  7. Unfortunately our fractured world has multitudes of people who buy into such mystical "powers."

  8. Ah, yes, the ever-persuasive "eliminate in family fights" tactic. Might be a good distraction, at any rate, before kicking the conflict into higher gear.

    Also, that I can buy into this and both win my divorce AND get my ex back would seem counter-productive. Could I then seek a refund?

  9. Wow - never heard of such "magic". Wonder if they could add "help learn English" to the list?

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  11. One of the favorite pastimes of my rugby team is to take these emails when we get them and see how long we can string them along as well as seeing how absurd we can make them. Needless to say there are times it's the highlight of my day. One of my favorites was when we convinced one to call the FBI office in San Francisco, that guy was angry.

  12. I've been looking for a new career - "spell caster" may just fit the bill.........