Sunday, May 1, 2016

Incoming squall

We're having the usual mix of spring weather here -- today is gloriously beautiful, for example -- which includes the occasional sudden violent squall.

Last Friday we had one such example. Here it is, moving in from the southwest, our prevailing wind direction.

The cows, grazing in a new spot, paid no attention to the looming clouds. (They changed their mind, fast, when it hit.)

Preceding the rain was an enormous crash of wind, which kicked up distant dust (visible as a yellowish blur center-right, obscuring some trees). It was about this time the cattle went racing for shelter under the barn awning.

Even in the midst of the pelting rain, the wind kicked up dust and scudded it down the dirt road before our house.

And then -- it was over. Within ten minutes the skies were clearing and the birds were twittering. We even had a pretty sunset.

Go figure. Welcome to spring.