Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fly-out interview

As I write this, it's Saturday evening and we're down one daughter. That's because Older Daughter is presently in New Jersey doing a fly-out nanny interview with a prospective family.

We've enjoyed every minute of having her home since her graduation from nanny school in September, but we knew she wouldn't be with us for long.

The school notified her that a family in New Jersey (both parents are doctors) are looking for a live-in nanny for their four boys (four-year-old twins, six, eight). They actually employ two nannies, one live-out and one live-in. The live-out has been in their employ for seven years; the last live-in for four years. This implies a stable, secure family, just the kind Older Daughter was hoping to find.

So, after two highly-successful phone interviews, these folks flew her out yesterday morning for an in-person interview. I dropped her at the airport around 8 am.

She arrived around midnight their time and flies home around midnight our time tomorrow (wow, she'll be a zombie by then).

We're all dying of curiosity to know how things are going, but of course we're not going to call or email to find out. We'll learn soon enough, and Older Daughter has earned the dignity of not having mommy and daddy checking up on her every two hours. (Though that doesn't mean we're not curious!)

I have every expectation of a happy conclusion to this interview. On the down side, Older Daughter will be waaaaaay far away from us; on the up side, she'll be very close to her dear friend GG, who spent five months with us last year and is currently working on Long Island. (I think GG's nearness is instrumental in Older Daughter's acceptance of the position.)

So -- changes a-coming. Our little bird is flying from the nest.


  1. Gosh. It's hard to believe this bittersweet day has come.

    I know they're going to love her.

    I hope it's a Christian family.

    Go get 'em, Baby Girl! Your parents aren't the only ones who are very proud of you, and you are wished every good thing as you spread your wings and launch into your new life.

    Much love,

    A. McSp

  2. I'm going to be happy for her. I'm going to be nothing but happy for her.

    I'm going to remember that this is the GOAL, the sign that you've raised your kids correctly. They're supposed to grow up and become independent.


  3. That's awesome.

    Wow. This is it. She'll be amazing.

    Just Me

  4. How exciting! I hope to hear that it went as expected and that everybody is compatible.

  5. Good luck with it. My best to Mom and Dad too.


  6. Good or bad, being a parent is a lifetime sentence. And it doesn't get easier with grandchildren. I found that was many times harder. The letting go, I mean.