Friday, October 9, 2015

Molly Green subscriptions on sale

Molly Green, the excellent homesteading/homemaking magazine I write for, is having a BOGO sale. (For the internet illiterate among us -- yes, I had to look it up -- BOGO means "Buy One Get One").

What this means is you can get Molly Green for two years for the price of one -- regularly $89.90 down to $39, but the sale ends October 23. Details are here.

Included with the subscription is:

• 8 PRINT Molly Green Magazines (four each year)
• 60+ back issues of vintage Molly Green Magazine
• 30 Bite-Sized Guides (one each month)
• 104 Dine-on-a-Dime meal plans (one each week)
• 5 Planners
• Seasonal desktop images
• PLUS access to over 10,000 streaming-videos media library through RightNow Media!

The media library includes Veggie Tales, Adventures in Odyssey, Dave Ramsey, Francis Chan, holiday movies, apologetics, resources for all ages, etc. via your computer, smart phone, or Roku.

I have to admit, Molly Green is just one of the prettiest, spiffiest publications out there. It focuses on HOME -- homesteading, homeschooling, home businesses, homemaking, etc. The photography is beautiful, the articles are varied and interesting, and altogether this is a heckuva deal.


  1. Saw the ad for Molly Green BOGO.
    Thought a good deal so signed up.

    However, I got a note from Paypal that caused me to CANCEL.

    Now I may have missed it, but I went back and looked again but could not find the reference.

    When paying with paypal, not only is the current payment made, but a profile is set up to pay every two years.

    I do not do such things.

    Just thought you should be aware…

    George in Ohio.

    1. Thanks, George. I passed this on to the senior editor.

      - Patrice

  2. Hi, George. Thank you for considering Molly Green. Like most magazines today our system is set up to auto-renew. That saves money on sending out renewal notices and ensuring there is no lapse in your receiving the magazine. You are able to cancel before the two years, however, so it wouldn't autorenew. But I understand if you still do not wish to set it up that way. You can either send a check for $39 to MGM at POBox 125, Golden City, MO 64748 with your mailing address and email (to access the online features such as the streaming videos and monthly eBooks), OR you can contact Customer Service via the Little Green box on the bottom of our website and simply explain what you want. They are very helpful and should be able to accommodate you. Best wishes! --Dara

  3. PS. I talked to Customer Service and they have added both non-renewing one-year membership and one-year print subscription options. I hope you give Molly Green Magazine a try!