Friday, October 16, 2015

Soap samples

We just got our soap in.

We ordered four sample bars of soap from our newest advertiser, FarmWife Products. Of the wide variety of "flavors" to choose from, we each picked one.

Don got Forest Camo. I got Orange Cream. Older Daughter chose lemon. Younger Daughter chose Grapefruit Mango. Quite a smorgasbord, no?

They arrived two days ago. As promised, the packaging is humble -- a paper band around each bar delineating the type, then wrapped in waxed paper. (When I took this photo, Don had already tried the Forest Camo, so the paper band is missing.)

Don was the first to try his out. His conclusion: "Good soap. It lathers well and it got me squeaky-clean."

I took a shower yesterday with Orange Cream. Oh my, it was a lovely experience. The soap does indeed lather well (though perhaps not as abundantly as our standard store-bought soap), but the scent is divine and it did indeed get me squeaky clean.

Golly gee darn. I need to take a shower tonight. Hmmm -- will it be lemon? Orange cream? Grapefruit Mango? Decisions decisions...


  1. I got my order of soap today as well. I have only washed my hands but it does seem to work well and does smell wonderful! I am pleased.

  2. I'm curious - what does the Forest Camo smell like?

  3. I can not find where to order this. Help.

  4. A further up date on FWP soap. I had to change the oil in the generator this morning and got my hands quite oily. I used the soap and it took of the oil just fine and left very minimal residue. Good stuff!

  5. A further update on the FWP soap. I am having some lower GI issues and this has me going to the bathroom about once per hour. Naturally I have to wash my hands each time and the FWP soap has kept the soap from drying out my hands. I am down to one bar so I will have to order more soon. I am very pleased!!!