Saturday, July 25, 2015

Third day of sales

Well yesterday was certainly a pick-me-up over the previous slow day of sales. We even made our first sale before the event officially opened, always a nice sign. Altogether we sold a respectable 35 pieces of the day -- not an earth-shattering number, but nothing to sneeze at either.

Since it was Friday, people were out in droves and there was lots more to photograph.

Funny T-shirts. This one referenced when Pluto lost its classification as a planet. I told the wearer my girls went into mourning when they heard that news, and we had a good laugh.

Other chuckles:

A little raunchy, but funny nonetheless.

A rare sentiment in Portland, both a T-shirt and a hoodie from the same fellow, who was impressed when I told him I had both my Idaho and my Utah concealed carry permits. (He said he's working on his Utah).

Fluorescent yellow socks, meet fluorescent green shoes.

Colorful hair seems to be the latest style du jour for women.

Some interesting outfits.

A man was walking around in a giant suit that was eerily, freakily lifelike. Very well done.

The operator was able to control the arms and head.

High five!

Here the operator popped open the front panel for a breath of fresh air.

Colorful tattoos:

This fellow had tropical jungle scenes on one arm...

...and a planetary scene on the other. The photos don't do justice to the depth of detail.

"Stay weird" is the slogan on this woman's leg.

Another woman had an entire poem tattooed on her leg.

Most of the time, I regard tattoos as a strange but harmless body decoration. But a woman walked by who was so bizarre, so shocking in her entire appearance, that she drew stares wherever she went -- which is doubtless her goal.

"Distressed" fishnet stockings...

...and a skirt so short it showed part of her bottom were bad enough.

(Notice the bat tattoos on her upper thighs.)

She had a shaven scalp (except for high little blond ponytails on top) and a series of bats on the back of her head.

But the most bizarre part was something I couldn't get a photo of. Tattooed on her chest -- her chest -- was the word ... are you ready for this? ... urine. Yes, she had the word "urine" tattooed on her chest. Now I ask you, why? Is this something she'll be proud to show to the world when she's a 70-year-old grandmother? I felt very very sorry for her.

Midway through the day, something bopped me square on the head while I was standing in the booth. I looked down and saw a yellow plastic blob. At first I thought someone had thrown something from me, but no.

It turned out the yellow plastic "cage" around the overhead light bulb had melted and fallen off, and some other plastic was melting around the light bulb and dripping big plastic blobs.

Concerned about a possible fire, I notified the event personnel. A fellow came in and unscrewed the light bulb (it was far too high up for me to reach without a ladder, but he was able to reach it with my stepstool) and got yellow plastic goop on his handkerchief for his trouble.

The bulb stayed unscrewed for the rest of the day, and then in the evening they simply screwed it back in and let it drip yellow plastic. Okay fine, whatever. I guess if they're not worried about their tent catching fire, I won't be either.

We simply sidestepped around the dripping yellow goo for the rest of the evening.

In the late afternoon, the most horrible rock band I've ever heard took to the stage, screeching out discordant sludge at high volume. Nonetheless this little toddler danced and danced, causing everyone around her to chuckle at the sight.

Her older sister, however, made no bones about what she thought of the noise.

Frankly I was siding with Older Sis. The band was absolutely beyond awful, and they "played" (shrieked) at eardrum-shattering volume. After a long day on our feet, every vendor hated the verbal assault. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the torture ended.

Altogether the day proved once again that Portland is living up to its cheery motto, "Keep Portland Weird." I wouldn't have it any other way...although I sincerely hope that band is never invited back.


  1. That nasty, disgusting lady makes me want to puke. Gag

  2. To think we used to toss out our "distressed" fish net stockings in the 1960s! We could have handed them down. Hopefully the woman with the tattoo "urine" does not procreate. - Maggie

  3. Patrice
    Please read Lev 19:28
    Thanks a million

    1. There are a lot of laws in Leviticus. Let's not drag out a single verse if we aren't willing to follow them all, as they were written.

  4. Hate to tell you but it looks to me like the "girl" with the tattooed stockings and bats was no girl at all. Think "Caitlin Jenner". So no need to worry about "her" being a 70 year old grandma with urine on her chest!

  5. I'm imagining a 3rd 'Red Dawn' movie. Chinese troops invade US soil. They choose to land at Portland, Oregon. Imagine the resistance of Portland Patriots!

    Seriously, they proudly describe themselves as 'weird'? 'Sick' is more like it.
    Montana Guy