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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Birthday mangoes

Today is Younger Daughter's 17th birthday!

True to most of our family's birthdays, we did nothing special. It was our "city day," so the girls and I went into Spokane for French lessons (Older Daughter) and grocery shopping.

I kept asking Younger Daughter if there was anything she wanted for her birthday, but there was nothing...

...until we hit the grocery store, where she asked for some mangoes.

Birthday mangoes. We can do that. Happy birthday, dear daughter!


  1. Happy birthday to younger daughter - and I think mangos are a lovely gift! So is time spent with mom (probably the more valuable of the gifts!)

  2. Happy birthday, Kiddo!

    As one mango lover to another, I think you made a great choice.

    A. McSp

  3. Happy Birthday YD!

  4. Happy Birthday to Younger Daughter. Birthday mangoes sound very sweet.

  5. Happy Birthday Younger Daughter!! Make 17 a super-special year! Mango-tango!!

  6. Happy Birthday Younger Daughter!. It was my Older Daughters Birthday too. She turned 12 and got to stay home from school sick. Good times.

  7. Happy Birthday from another May 8th girl!