Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April showers bring May flowers....

...but what do April blizzards bring?

Twice this month we've woken up to snow.

Not a lot of snow, it's true, but enough to remind us winter hasn't quite lost its grip yet.

I took these photos early in the morning, and when the rest of the family woke up, they couldn't believe their eyes.

Here's our April flowers, looking cold and miserable.

This bluebird doesn't look too pleased either.

The snow melted off by afternoon, and we had a few days of spring. Then yesterday winter came roaring back again in what virtually amounted to a blizzard, with 40 mph winds and heavy wet snow.

Old Major braved the wind and snow to visit the yard, then hurried (as fast as his ancient legs could carry him) back to the woodstove.

It looked like December, not April.

Our brave little patch of daffodils withstood the onslaught.

The snow melted off soon enough, but the day was bitterly cold with howling winds, and periodic showers of sleet or snow would pass through. This photo was taken in late afternoon, with a bleary sun lighting up a distant snow shower.

Then this morning... sunny and calm. Go figure.

The daffodils looked much happier.

So did the beasties. Yesterday they were all huddled under the awning or in the barn. Today they basked in the sunshine. This is Hector and Ninja, who have become great buddies.

And the robins looked perky and ready to nest.

So what do April blizzards bring? Hopefully a warm May!


  1. April blizzards bring a better appreciation of May!

  2. NOOOO, that's sad your getting snowstorms :( But you have amazing photography skills!!!! Amazing photos! =) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Any birthing activity on Raven?

    1. He's beautiful and know Mama is feeling a lot lighter and comfortable. Thanks for sharing with us city folk!

  4. I think enough rain, or snow, in April primarily brings May mud (as if you didn't have enough of it already).

  5. Good ol Major. I like him. He reminds me of me.


  6. Around here we call an April snow with very little accumulation, an "onion snow". That's because such storms will usually happen in the spring after people have their onion sets planted in the garden.

  7. My hubby, calls it "Sprinter" - Spring weather then Winter weather. We seem to have a longer "Sprinter" season than Spring season.

  8. This is just sooooo WRONG!


    We've had some hard frosts the last two days, and it's certainly been cold enough to snow, but so far we've dodged the bullet and I'm grateful. We did have a heck of a hail storm and a raging downpour or two, but no snow. (Not that we're out of the woods yet.....)

    But today is a gloriously sunny day, albeit cool and windy, but the critters are very happily dozing in the sun after a morning out grazing.

    The lambs are all growing like weeds and running their mamas ragged.

    Stay warm!

    A. McSp