Monday, April 27, 2015

Barnyard economics

Don listens to a lot of talk radio while he works. He came in from the shop a couple of weeks ago, chuckling over two economists who were being interviewed.

Apparently the economists were arguing over what drives the economy, and they were getting very hot under the collar.

"This is what drives the economy," the first economist practically shouted. "It's production!"

"No, you fool!" retorted the second economist. "This is what drives the economy -- it's consumption!"

But Don, good farmer that he is, was able to reduce the arguments of the economists down to what he called Barnyard Economics.

"Take two bales of hay," he said...

One good...

...and one bad.

The cows will eat the good stuff and not the bad stuff.

Farmers (the producers of hay) must stop trying to make the cows eat the bad stuff because the cows (the consumers of hay) won't thrive.

In other words: Consumption is driving our production.

And there you have it, folks. Barnyard economics.


  1. Guess "cow sense" must be a lot like "horse sense," 'cause it makes sense!

  2. What an interesting perspective! And it makes sense too! I like Barnyard economics! Thanks for sharing! Ya'll should write a book!

  3. Sure to bad that elected servants do not have this much sense. They could all learn something from a visit to the barn yard. Thank you folks, keep up the great information.

  4. Said one economist to another, "What is a cow?"

    Montana Guy