Friday, April 11, 2014

Proud parents

Out of the blue I received a charming email from proud parents Billy and Marie, which I asked permission to share because it made me smile.


First, my entire family thoroughly enjoys your WND articles, we read them every week.

Several weeks ago your article pertained to Home Schooling, we currently have three active students and my oldest daughter (20) finished up her High School curriculum when she was 16.

Please allow me to brag a little, my oldest daughter finished our program at 16, scored in the top 3% of the nation on her GED test, and worked a full time job as an Administrative / HR / Accounting Associate at the trucking company I worked at for 18-months.

She excelled and voluntarily departed to pursue her passion – writing. Last fall she self-published a book “Violet Eyes” under the name of Katharine Bond on Amazon.

The book she published is the first of a three volume series and while it’s not a “Best Seller” (YET), we are very proud of her and the limited feedback we’ve received is positive.

We could not imagine sending our children to Public School, we tried a Church School for my oldest when she was in 4th grade, not what we expected and resumed our Home School efforts in 5th Grade.

My daughter has excelled, we are not academic experts but my wife is committed and consistent and we use the best technology, curriculum, and instructional material we can and my wife approaches our Home School program as if it were a job (It is : - ))

Our home life and relationship with our children is enhanced by our Home School efforts and we will not have the issue facing us down the road of “wish I’d spent more time with my kids”.

When I set down to review their grades and home work; it’s a big deal for the kids and they receive the praise, coaching, and in some rare cases discipline necessary to keep them focused and productive.

In summary, anyone who does not Home School their family is missing out on the positive impact it can have on both children and parents.

Thank you for your continued efforts in promoting this outstanding practice.

Best Regards,
Billy & Maria


  1. Thank you for bringing this to us, Patrice, and to Billy and Maria for sharing their story. I Love starting my day with a story like this.

    A. McSp

  2. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

    I am considering compiling a "portfolio" of other peoples' homeschooling experiences. Out of this, I hope to learn how to do it correctly, and to be able to make a case to my husband and mother-in-law for homeschooling our younger kids down the road (the oldest seems to be thriving in the public school system, and is very good at seeing through the more leading aspects of the curriculum, so I'm not too worried about her, but I do not expect my middle two to agree with "the system" and the jury is still out on the baby).

    Sure do appreciate all the stories I can gather.

  3. God bless Billy and Maria. I love letters like this. Homeschooling is VERY popular here. Looking at the homeschoolers is like looking back at the America I grew up in. They are so polite and obviously well education. They will make excellent leaders.
    Montana Guy

  4. Form a home schooling Mom (3 years in) it is so nice to hear of the success of children who have been home schooled. I followed the link to the book and read what was available (the preview) on the Amazon site. Nicely written book I have been already drawn into the story and am seriously considering purchasing a copy.

  5. In the name of our children's safety, we've turned public school into prisons. We can hardly fault these inmates for failing to promote freedom upon their release.

    1. Liberal-progressives WANT our children to attend their physically and mentally dangerous schools. They don't want us homeschooling our children. That alone should tell us all volumes!

    2. Oh heck no. I'm a Liberal Progressive and I would never send my children to the prison-industrial complex. I'd rather stay home, take care of my family, and school them myself ;)