Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sale on Jar Boxes

Have you ever heard of Jar Boxes?

In May 2012 when I attended the Self Reliance Expo in Colorado Springs, I met a lovely woman named Jeri McFarlane who invented something called a Jar Box.

Jar Boxes are designed for holding full canning jars. As an avid canner, I was immediately captivated by these gizmos and thought they were a wonderful concept.

The reason behind this invention, Jeri told me at the Expo, was a moment of intense frustration when she was carrying a full box of jars in a tight space... and tripped. The jars fell, the glass exploded into shrapnel, and the contents (mixed with glass shards) oozed everywhere. Arrrrggghh! So she invented Jar Boxes so this wouldn't happen again. The best revenge is success!

I've seen these things demonstrated, and let me tell you they're impressive. A Jar Box will hold a dozen jars, and you can flip them around, shake them from side to side, stack them practically to the ceiling, and the contents remain undamaged and in perfect condition. You can even trip, fall, and drop the whole thing... no problem.

Apparently people are discovering they're handy for endless other uses as well, such as for storing commercial jars or even for separating craft supplies. A nice bonus is that they're totally American-made.

The first Jar Boxes were for quart jars, but Jeri emailed to let me know there are now boxes for pint jars available. There was a two-day sale for these pint boxes, but unfortunately I didn't get to the email on time, so there's only one day left.

So... if you're interested in giving these Jar Boxes a try, the sale may be an excellent opportunity. The website is here, and it's got all sorts of info (FAQs, ordering info, etc.).


  1. Hi Patrice, I stumbled across your Blog while looking for a Laundry Soap Recipe. We too are in N. Idaho. Priest River to be exact. We are planning on moving back to the country in June of 2014. We are going off grid. I am a Mom to 7 and a grandma to 2.5 (1 is still cooking) granbabies. 5 kiddos are still at home. I have bit the bullet and paused Homeschooling while I go back to work until June of 2014. Necessary to get us out of town. We previously had lived on a farm in Elk WA. We moved here for our jobs in the school district. Hubby will continue to drive School Buses after I go back to staying at home and homeschooling. I am really enjoying your blog. Currently hubby has a heck of a garden in our back yard and I am canning and freezing. You are a wealth of info and I appreciate that. Connie

    1. Wow, you're a busy woman! Best of luck with your move, it sounds like you're progressing very well with your plans.

      - Patrice

  2. WOW. Love these. Thanks for telling us about them. We use 1/2 gallon canning jars to carry and store the raw milk we use here on our farm.So maybe we can convince them to go bigger. But the sizes she has now are still very beneficial

  3. The idea sounds great and I'm glad that it's taking off for her, but $15 a pop for a piece of plastic is more than my budget will allow. I'll have to stick with just watching my feet and being careful.

  4. I cannot afford those even though they look great. I use liquor boxes for canning jars. I can even find liquor boxes to store half-gallon jars.