Friday, August 16, 2013

Guest Post: Food Insurance

The following is a guest post from Chett Wright with

Easy to Carry Foods for 72 Hour Kits
As we continue on our preparedness journey, we decided to do a piece on emergency food preparedness. Like most families, we understand how important it is to feed your family only healthy, quality foods. Even after man-made and natural disasters, families are still concerned about the foods they consume. Just because you’re going through a crisis, that doesn’t mean your family has to suffer, eating foods they wouldn’t normally. So as part of general preparednesss, we’re going to help you prepare for emergencies with 72 hour kits.

Most rural survivalists enjoy farming and gardening in order to eat natural, fresh products. However not everyone has this luxury. Yet after a disaster strikes, road conditions may make it impossible to travel. And stores won’t have what you need in stock, due to early shoppers who acted quickly for their own emergency preparedness. Therefore it will be up to you to provide your family with the foods needed to continue eating healthy, good tasting food until things return to normal.

A 72 hour kit is an emergency preparedness kit intended to help you remain self-sufficient for three entire days. These 3-day survival kits are very efficient tools for short-term survival after a catastrophe has struck. Being prepared for any disaster will help to keep things from getting chaotic and hectic around you. You’ll be able to grab your kit in a hurry, and run out the door if needed.

Convenient Foods to Put in Your 72 Hour Kit
Many rural areas are located far away from big city areas. That means that it could take emergency crews and personnel even longer to reach you after a crisis. Not only will they have to deal with bad road conditions, there may be extreme weather conditions involved. Not to mention, they must tend to the hardest hit areas first.

So what does this mean for you? Basically you need to be prepared to be self-sufficient, even if only for a few days. A 72 hour kit is a great tool for this purpose. It must contain products you can eat after an evacuation or without the use of electricity or gas. Here are some of those convenient foods that would make great additions to your 3-day emergency kit:

• Turkey or beef jerky
• Freeze dried meats
• Raisin packages
• Cookies
• Powdered milk
• Applesauce cups
• Pudding cups
• Suckers
• Trail mix
• Fruit cups
• Fruit rolls
• Freeze dried fruits
• Freeze dried vegetables
• Hot chocolate mix
• Hard candy
• Power bars
• Bread sticks
• Freeze dried soup mix
• Saltine crackers
• Juice boxes

Note: Do you have a garden? Well be sure to grow a nice supply of vegetables and fruits. If you’re not required to vacate, these fresh foods will be great additions to your food storage products.

Inspect Your 72 Hour Kit Regularly
Living in a rural community means having to count on your neighbors and your own devices for emergency survival. It could take days... weeks... even months for help to arrive. It could be even longer before roads are repaired and stores are restocked and reopened. So be prepared with a 72 hour kit, your quick, grab-and-go emergency survival kit.

This article was created by Chett Wright, a food storage expert with Ready to become part of the rural revolution? Get more emergency preparedness tips and order your 72 Hour Kit from today.


  1. Good advice, especially the list of things to include. I had not thought of a few of the wet items, like fruit and pudding cups.

    I do have a question for the author about products provided by Food Insurance. I have a lot of food allergies to common items in freeze dried entrees, like tomatoes, potatoes and all types of peppers (essentially all members of the nightshade family) and broccoli. These problems have caused me to avoid most 'bucket' solutions' because I can't eat much of the food. Will Food insurance tailor kits for people with such issues? Thanks, MM

    1. An excellent question, but I'm afraid you'll have to direct it to the company itself. However Chett may be able to answer on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

      - Patrice

  2. Thrive Life sells individually freeze dried foods that enable you to make your own entrees and thus avoid food allergies. No additives or preservatives in the fruits or vegetables.
    Diane in DE

  3. Thrive Life sells individual freeze dried foods (no additives or preservatives in the fruits or vegetables) that enable you to make up your own meals or buckets of compatible foods.