Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blueberry bonanza

One of the first things I did when I got home from Portland was to see how the garden looked. Don and Older Daughter did a splendid job of watering, and I was astonished how much fuller and lusher many of the plants were. What a difference a week makes!

What needed the most immediate attention were the blueberries, which were loaded with ripe berries.

I picked some before I left to bring to the friends I was staying with in Portland; but a whole bunch more had ripened in my absence.

Beautiful things.

So armed with some plastic bowls, I went out to pick. All these berries came from one bush.

This is what I ended up with.

Curious, I weighed them and found I'd gotten five pounds.

And this doesn't count what I picked earlier, nor what else will ripen in the next few weeks.

When I told a friend about this blueberry bonanza, she sent me the recipe for blueberry jam that she uses. Looks delicious.

We're in the throes of our busy season at the moment, so my plans are to freeze these blueberries for the time being. But blueberry jam sounds wonderful and I look forward to trying it when things slow down.

What fun it is to have happy blueberry bushes ever since rescuing them from their weed patch!


  1. Wow! I dream of lots of blueberries.
    How are those plants doing you started, I think, this spring? Are they bearing too?

  2. You should try this recipe for blueberry and dark chocolate jam:

    It's in French, from Québec, but it is absolutely decadent!

    Maybe your daughter who study French could translate it. The site it's on is very famous here in Québec. The guy has tons of good recipe and always original!

    Good luck.

  3. Your blueberries really are beautiful,delighted for you that they are bounteous!
    I love that picture of blueberries you have up front I wish I had it hanging in my dinning room!

  4. One word sums up blueberries. YUMMY!
    had enuff