Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book bomb day for The Prepared Family Cookbook!

Today is the official launch day for our friend and neighbor Enola Gay's new book, The Prepared Family Cookbook.

We've watched and cheered Enola for the last couple of years as she's brought this volume from concept to fruition. This family is renowned in our area for their welcoming and friendly home, and Enola brings a lot of her special touch into this book. She discusses such endearing habits as tea time and hospitality, but also concrete practical subjects as preparedness, canning and food preservation, woodstove cookery, off-grid living, and homestead medicine.

There is also a large section of Enola's favorite recipes. Older Daughter has been thoroughly enjoying the recipe for Soft Giant Pretzels this week.

Besides being a wonderful preparedness resource, The Prepared Family Cookbook gives you a glimpse into the private lives of this delightful family we're privileged to call friends.

If you're looking for an excellent and practical addition to your preparedness library, look no further.


  1. Whoopee! Montana Gal has been anxiously awaiting for today. Enola's book is ordered!
    Montana Guy

  2. Ordered mine today!
    Can't wait to get it!

    Fran from Connecticut

  3. How is the sale going? We look forward to her book.


  4. Book is ordered. Looking forward to getting the book.

  5. I have always wondered when you mention your Enola Gay her real name?

    I mean, the airplane that dropped the atom bomb on Japan was called Enola Gay...

    Just askin'...

    1. Nope, not her real name, it's her internet persona.

      - Patrice

  6. Already ordered it! Can't wait now until it arrives.

  7. PS: Walburga isn't my real name, either : )

  8. Started the day at 87 in cookbooks, now 14 at 8:50 pm eastern. Well done.

  9. If I wasn't flat broke I would have participated. Will order as soon as I can though. I have all the recipes from her blog saved in a text file. I've been slowing adding them to my index card recipe box and now I can just order the book. I was just about to make a batch of hamburger buns from her french bread recipe and I have survival bars/oatmeal cookies made with 10 grain cereal sitting in the cookie jar. I'm low income but I eat well due to her recipes!

  10. I ordered it just now. It looks amazing.