Country Living Series

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Old photos

Here's a fascinating little website I just found featuring old photographs of America 1879-1920.


  1. Great pictures. A site I like to look at is

  2. Very interesting. Very idyllic looking. But frankly, I'm rather glad that my life is not an endless stream of 16-hour days doing nothing but preparing food.

    Just Me

  3. Wish I had the help from the 1st picture, was far more reasonable to get it all done with that many kiddos milling about. That's probably why her kitchen is cleaner than mine at the moment, too.

  4. Lord help me...sometimes I think there is something very wrong with me. I look at these pictures and dream that some day my life and property will look like that. LOL. I actually gave up my electric washer and dryer for a World War II-era Maytag wringer washer and a clothesline, filled with cold water from a garden hose and drained via gravity thru another hose. It takes me all day to do 3 loads of laundry, actually working at the machine the whole time, and ending with a sore back from hauling baskets of wet clothes to the line and hanging them up high. And I wouldn't go back to the electric washer...yep, there is something definitely wrong with me!

    And what I wouldn't give for that lady's kitchen in Photo 1 (I'd take the girls with it, of course, come canning time!)

  5. Great collection of old pictures. It is very interesting.