Sunday, July 19, 2009


Got this in response to my weekend column. Uh, does anyone have any idea what this guy's talking about?

Nice to be a selective 'Christian', isn't it?

God says, "persecuted, we suffer it" 1 Corinthians 4:12

America says, "persecuted, we KILL it" 1776 - 2009

America always contradicts God's Word. CONTRADICTS Jesus Christ.

It's a pity you won't stand before G. Washington, J Farah, and the boys in THAT day, they'd give you a great big hug, and a pat on the back.

You will stand before the one you contradict. Contradict, meaning, of course, that you prefered the words of men, over the Word of God!

Do you really think people who call God a liar go to Heaven? Matthew 7:20 - 23

Does your 'pastor' have to tell you everything?




  1. Hmmm, sounds like someone takes stuff out of context and twists it (its the only thing I can figure). The worrying thing is this person apparently doesn't go to a church since he has so little regard for all pastors.

  2. What the ??? I have NO idea what this guy is saying. I read it several times and it's more confusing each time you read it. I think maybe he's commenting on the wrong article ?????

  3. Looks as though you have a very distinguished follower who is trying to, A) show a seriously deep intellectual capacity and failing miserably; B) show a superior knowledge of Scripture than any human on earth and, again, not only failing, but not following the verses he quotes to [ineffectually] set up his argument; or, C) you have really ruffled the feathers of a gay lib and he is speechless, as usual. (I opt for 'C' as being closer to the truth.)
    Shy III

  4. I think their elevator doesn't quite go to the top.... chad boniface, franklin, nc

  5. That's the problem with those fancy websites for Bible verses, you just type in the word you want and verses pop up, you don't even have to read the Bible, lucky for these ding dongs.

  6. Maybe it was intended for a politician and got mixed up.

  7. He don't say.

    Bill Smith

  8. It's hard to say what he's talking about, or trying to talk about without the context of what he's responding to, is he responding to the article that opens when you press the "weekend article" link? Have you tried asking him to clarify what it is he's trying to say?