Friday, July 10, 2009

Sick kid

Younger daughter was awake yesterday morning when I came in from milking the cow. She was bent nearly double from a temporal headache that kept "cramping," as she put it, to the front of her forehead and then to the sides again. Shortly thereafter she started to vomit. Thinking she might be having a migraine - something none of us get and something she's never had before - I made an appointment with our doctor. He confirmed it wasn't (thank God) meningitis, but nor was it migraines. He prescribed anti-nausea medicine and warned it would make her sleepy. Sure enough it did.

She woke up briefly this morning when I closed her bedroom door and said she felt fine.

Oh look, another gray hair.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, don't you just die a thousand deaths when these things happen? For me, the worst thing about having a lot of kids is that you multiply your worries by as many kids as you have (thank God you multiply the joys as well!).

    Glad to hear it wasn't meningitis. We had viral meningitis here a few years ago and survived it, but it is scary...