Monday, July 13, 2009

Signs of the times

Our day trip to the city last week resulted in an unexpected and sobering experience. Driving along a busy stretch between a main artery and the highway, I started noticing "For Lease" signs for commercial buildings.

Normally, of course, you see "For Lease" signs all the time and hardly pay attention to them. What caught my eye was the sheer quantity. Sign after sign after sign. More and more. There must have been fifty "For Lease" signs along this single one-mile stretch of road. Multiply this by all the roads in Spokane, and how many "For Lease" signs would there be?

It was unbelievable. No, it was staggering. All those signs represented a business, gone. Employment, gone. A tax base, gone. They also represented desperate realtors as well as desperate commercial building owners who know darned good and well their chances of filling those buildings are practically nil.

There's no possible way all those commercial buildings could ever be filled because no one in their right mind is starting a new business now. The hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere - shattered.

My God, what's going to happen to this country?

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  1. Congratulations, You just got a glimpse of the next big failure, The commercial debt failure. All those closed building will be in foreclosure soon.