Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh for pete's sake - where's the global warming?

This is what the weather looked like yesterday:

What you can't see is the freezing wind that was blowing. When I went to get Matilda for milking, I wore boots, hat, scarf, gloves, and winter coat. I might add....this was the second day of summer.

Here's what the thermometer read this morning, the third day of summer:

We had to put an extra heat lamp in the chicken coop to keep the chicks from freezing their newly-sprouted tail feathers off. The coop is still just an unfinished (and uninsulated) shell.

Tomorrow the temp is supposed to get up to 84 degrees. Go figure.

Meanwhile, here's what the weather in the rest of the country looked like this morning:

All the peach and dark purple colored areas are suffering from excessive heat. Go figure.

These global warming people don't know what the hell they're talking about. It may be hot in some places (doubtless where they're measuring), but it's cold in other places (doubtless where they refuse to measure). HellOOOO?


  1. I've been trying to figure out this global warming thing too. It makes absolutely no sense. This is an interesting article too.


  2. Patrice, do you see that little area of blue in Oregon? That's where we live and yesterday the official low was 30! I only hope it wasn't long enough to effect our garden. I know it won't hurt the broccoli, cabbage, and roots, but I worry about the corn, tomatoes, peppers, okra, and one or two others. I agree those idiots who have the power of the press to convince the people that it is getting warmer, had better get the hell out of their heated newsrooms and smell the frosty air.

  3. That's why the devious Kooks conveniently started calling unproven global warming.. "Climate Change", so they could blame the cold weather, as well as the warm, on man-kind, then charge us threw the nose for their "straw man" Bunk. Of course, they get away with putting the burden of proof on us, knowing that weather will always change, proving them to be right.. Actually, to the irrational Radical "Greens", "global warming" is a "Religion".. not a Science.. Beware, I have have a feeling we haven't begun to see the extent of their dictatorial and ruthless pagan Obsessions with climate change, etc.

  4. Actually, it was a conservative political consultant who encouraged the use of "Climate Change" rather than "Global Warming", because somehow it would sound less threatening. To me it sounds more accurate. The climate is changing. Just because your weather may be unseasonably cold does not mean that the climate in general is not warming. As a part of that warming trend, weather is becoming more extreme - more rain, more floods, more intense hurricanes, and so on. How are "they" charging us "threw" the nose?