Saturday, June 13, 2009

Awwww, but they'll miss the prom!

Once in awhile someone will criticize a homeschooling parent by implying what a shame it is their children will "miss the prom."

Uh, I hate to break it, but proms ain't what they used to be.

Read it and weep. And don't EVER try that line on me.


  1. I'm 24 years old, public school educated, and I never went to my prom. This article was very disturbing and makes me want to move further into the country where I don't even have to think about that type of behavior.

  2. My grand daughter's went to her last prom this year. She has now graduated and "Is Grown".
    I was and continue to be amazed at the way proms are held now. No one had a date they all just went to hang out. Of course moms and dads had to spend $300-400 on a one time only dress and shoes and jewelry, the outrageous money spent on tanning, and hair styles....

    Today's Prom as stated, " Ain't what they used to be".
    My vote is always "homeschooling" ALWAYS!

  3. You are so right, proms "Ain't what they used to be! My children go to a Christian school and are chaperoned to the prom and back on the same night. They go out of town and get back early in the morning. I know that may sound extreme, but compared to public schools, I would rather have my childen attend a prom where they are supervised the entire time then brought home so exhausted they go home and go to bed! They love it! From what I hear, the public school proms consist of dirty dancing and are so profane in some areas, the "decent" kids stand to the side and congregate "talk" while the others take to the dance floor and dance to vulgar songs and dance so vulgar the other students don't even want to get on the dance floor - this is a shame. And, with school officials there to supervise, they allow this vulgarity to go on. No wonder some students don't get to enjoy their prom night, how could they! Shame on school officials, "chaperones" allowing such filth to take place with no regard to those who just want to enjoy their prom in a safe environment, not to mention the drug, alcohol use and sex afterwards. I am not condeming all public schools, but this is happing in most. I hear of it every year, in detail. Girls and Guys all dressed up to stand in a corner in fear of being accosted or groped on the dance floor. Students dancing half naked with their pants falling to the floor having to be held up by one hand - dispicable! Homeschool your kids if you can, if not, find a GOOD Christian school who has leadership that will not allow such filth to infiltriate what is supposed to be a peaceful, enjoyable night or just DON'T GO! And, I am talking about what goes on at the prom, not a particular group or person. I personally think it is time proms become a thing of the past considering the diverse world in which we now live. It's patetic!

  4. Public Schools in our area do not hold proms. In other words, the students "host" the prom at some location off site, and the schools say, "we are not involved in this event and have no liability."

    The reader's letter from June 14, 2009 was an apt description of the proms that are put on here.

    The homeschoolers in our area began to put on their own prom, but year two it was highjacked by unschoolers with no desire to curb profanity or vulgarity - they even brought their homosexual friends. My daughter was terribly disappointed.


  5. Our homeschool group hosted a prom for our graduating seniors this year. It was beautiful.
    Several moms got together early in the school year and booked a small ballroom at a very nice restaurant. Christian music was played and they also hired a country and western couple who teaches line dancing. All of the kids were included in the lessons and they had a great time. A very nice dinner was served as well.
    Most restaurants are willing to give discounts for these kind of events where money is tight. The event was well chaperoned and very well organized. there were about 35 students and these were not "dates". They are all good friends who grew up together in our homeschool group most from kindergarten - 12th. You make your prom what you want it to be. You could also do this in someones home if it is a small group.