Sunday, June 21, 2009

Of all the arrogant, detestable snobs!

So I hear Brigadier General Michael Walsh of the Army Corps of Engineers made a faux pas while speaking with Senator Barbara Boxer: he called her "ma'am."

I heard the audio clip and nearly fell over when Sen. Boxer reprimanded him for having the audacity to address her as "ma'am." She wanted to be addressed as "senator" because she "worked so hard to get that title."

What this little lady doesn't realize is "ma'am" is a respectful and accepted military indication of rank. A superior officer would never address a junior officer as "ma'am" - that's a term reserved for those in higher authority. So although little ol' Barbie is vastly below a brigadier-general in rank, he had the courtesy to address her as "ma'am" and then bore her ignorant and unjustified reprimand with dignity.

I felt intense shame (on her behalf) that an elected official would pull this kind of snotty crap.

Later on Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, said "I've always been suspicious of women who are insulted by pronouns."

Amen, Elaine. I wholeheartedly agree.

And Barbara can call me "ma'am."


  1. It's always irritated me when people say "Don't call me m'aam" or "Mister so-and-so's my dad's name". Very few people have respect anymore and when you do, you get told off for it. It's insane!!!

  2. It is wrong to call that senator a cow, but it is perfectly OK to call a cow a Senator. And that should be remembered when we address Senator Boxer.

    Dave Jones

  3. I'm no fan of Barbara Boxer, but in a protocol sense a Senator should outrank a general. In a heartbeat.

    But there is also nothing wrong with "ma'am" either. Although the official guide does say to use Senator for a female Senator.

  4. In what world? When Senator don't-call-me-ma'am is willing to stand in the line of fire for me, then maybe I would consider her to outrank a military general. Last time I checked it was the military who did the hard work of our country. I have little respect for those people elected to office who think they are Gods gift to our country. Shame on Boxer. Even if it bothered her a great deal she could have spoke with the General quietly instead of showing how big and tough she is and trying to embarrass him in the process. A letter would have done the job just as well.

    Ouida Gabriel

  5. I think a public rebuke shows extremely poor judgment and a distinct lack of good taste on the part of the Senator. That the General was gracious only shows that an officer and a gentleman will always outrank a woman with an agenda.

  6. Your story about dehorning Raven was very helpful, we need to raise a bull calf (for future duties) and thought it best to de-horn, as Jersey bulls are kind of notorious. (last calf we dehorned was a Scottish Highlander, and I KNOW what the horror story part of your story entailed. This calf is only a couple of days old, so we wanted to try the nasty black paste route--thanks again, I feel much more confident!
    PS--I also agree with your politics, and what breed of cattle do you have? Sort of look like Dexters, which we have, and love.

  7. Yes, we have Dexters (and one Jersey).
    - Patrice