Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving day for chicks

Don's spent all week working on the chicken coop. Those thirty cute widdle balls of fluff have metamorphosed into noisy stinky housemates, and he's anxious to get them into their own home where they can be noisy and stinky to their hearts' content.

The coop started like this:

And ended like this:

He made a door:

Right now the coop is just shell. We'll add insulation, ramps, nest boxes, and all the other bells and whistles as the summer progresses. But for now we just want to get the chicks out of the house.

Here they are, huddled in scared masses in a corner. Within an hour they were perfectly at home in the coop.

Matilda was completely puzzled by the peeping coming from the building. She kept craning her head closer and closer until it was fully inside the building. (You can't see it, but there's a screen in front of the door to keep chicks in / cows out.)

Here's what it's looking like in the greenhouse. I need to start transplanting everything, but the garden still isn't fenced. Now that the coop is done - or at least functional - the fence is next.

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  1. Are you gonna put some chicken wire over the opening at the top? I would hate to see some climbing critters get in there! Nice job. I love the cow pic...too funny!