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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

In praise of doing ... nothing

If anyone has wondered at the blog silence over the last week since Older Daughter and I got home, I'm happy to report everyone's fine -- except we're all afflicted with a serious case of the lazies.

There are a number of reasons for this. Don is down with tendonitis in his left arm (he's left-handed). This painful condition flares up every other year or so, and he knows just how to treat it ... and that includes doing very little to provoke it. So he's down.

Older Daughter is in serious decompression mode. She says she still gets "itchy" with the feeling she'll be returning to New Jersey next week, since that's been the situation for every visit home over the last four years. Sometimes she has to forcibly remind herself she's not going anywhere for a while, at least until after Christmas (though our "Christmas" will be two weeks early this year, since that's when Younger Daughter can take leave and come home).

I have the least excuse of all. I've just been lazy. I got handed two magazine assignments yesterday, both due on Dec. 3, so I'm jumping on those; and my writing friend Ann and I are doing to do an "independent" NaNoWriMo to get some fiction work done. But beyond that, I've done ... nothing.

And you know what? It's been nice.


  1. Sometimes a form of human hibernation is just the ticket, you need to re-charge, you had a busy summer with packing and getting the house ready for sale and that looming question of where will we end up can take a toll. Lets not forget that long drive with older daughter, not physically demanding but certainly mentally draining.
    So do the minimum and re-group.

  2. Don't worry, there is a world shortage of Roundtuits. I have a number of projects on hold waiting until I can get a Roundtuit.
    JW M

  3. Doing nothing now and then can be glorious, though there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Christmas is coming, that'll break you of it.

  4. Sounds like the perfect time to just hang out with your family!

  5. Patrice,
    It is so important to stop, recharge and smell the roses around us from time to time. Wife and I try and take 2-3 days every year and do a short road trip away from home and just relax and enjoy.

  6. Hey, Pal. ENJOY being safely home with all that comes with. Best to the family. And wishing you the words when its time!!

  7. Sometimes it's good to rest and recharge the batteries.

  8. After the whirlwind y'all have been thru, isn't a durn thing wrong with a case of the lazies...enjoy it while you can! Hope Don is feeling better soon! (gotta hate thos repetetive motion injuries)

  9. Put another log on the fire...
    Montana Guy

  10. Retired in August after 48 years in the construction management field. I still don't know how to relax, never had time to. Do they teach courses?