Wednesday, September 26, 2018

One year ago today

“Today is my one-year in the Navy mark,” Younger Daughter emailed this morning. “A year ago today I arrived at RTC, stayed up all night stenciling and peeing in cups and getting screamed at by people in red ropes.”

Younger Daughter has been stuck in the same spot (Great Lakes, Illinois) for a year now, undergoing lots of academic training, but this will shortly change as she heads off to another location for her specialized “C” school training, and then hitting the fleet – at last!

I’m being purposely vague about her whereabouts because I don’t want her movements public – but she’s moving ahead in her naval career and will soon be facing life aboard a ship.


  1. Congratulations to her!!

    I'd be vague too.

  2. It’s a big accomplishment for her and her mama.

    Good job being vague. It’s want we moms are told to do.

    Mine just left the Great Lakes area.

    A USCG mom.

  3. Proud mom and dad! Go Navy! My spouse loved that part of life. Natokadn

  4. You are vague about her travels, but proudly succinct about her accomplishments. Awesome!!!

  5. Thanks for the info on younger daughter. Being vague about where she is and what she is doing is fine but I am glad that we know that all is going well.

  6. a proud moment but also a call to prayer

  7. Oh how wonderful...Will be in prayer for her next assignment.
    Love from NC

  8. Interesting, my boot camp was in Orlando and my C school was Great Lakes. Things have changed since 1975. She sounds like a level headed young women and will do well. My only regret about being in the Navy is that I did not have more time over seas in other countries. It makes you appreciate the USA. Best of luck to her !

    1. I agree! Over thirty years since I enlisted and went to Orlando RTC. Retired out of Key West. I know that was the Best thing I could do with my life. Actually got out after 6 years and realized I didn't want to work for a living, and I had too much fun in the Navy. Maybe didn't make the rank I wanted to, but got to see some Amazing things and places in this old world. Also wish I had more time overseas, but think Greece, forward deployed ship in Asia, Bermuda and Spain gave me a pretty good understanding of just how Good we have it here in the Good Ole USA.