Thursday, November 21, 2019

The sound of home. Oh wait...

True story.

While in Virginia at my friend Ann Malley's home, Ann treated me to a lovely restaurant dinner, a rare and much-appreciated luxury.

By the time we drove back to her house, it was dark. We pulled into her driveway, and as I opened my car door, I heard a sound. "Ah, coyotes," I said.

A moment later I realized I wasn't hearing wasn't coyotes. I was hearing sirens.

I am such a rube.


  1. Here's the other side of that thought... The wife and I were sitting on the couch the other night when there were sirens from at least 12 police and fire. I looked over at her and said "I can't wait to move to the property" (We bought 15 acres last year in northern ID... counting down the days towards retirement!

  2. The funny thing about American Gothic is that the Farmers Only website (for rural dating) used it as their logo for a while, not realizing it's supposed to be a farmer and his daughter, not his wife. ooops. This cityfolk laughed.

    1. And, it is actually his dentist and his daughter, not a farmer.

  3. In my part of Idaho, when the police drive by with sirens blazing, the coyotes start howling.
    Day or night.

  4. I have been on our 14 acres here in N Idaho in the mountains, I have yet to hear a siren of any kind, I have however seen the sheriff, fire, or ambulance fly by, guess not enough traffic to warn of their arrival. Of course when we go into Spokane I have yet to go there without hearing some sort of a siren. So glad I left it.

  5. "A moment later I realized ... I was hearing sirens."

    Yeah, well ...

    "That's a .22."

    "How do you know?"

    "Trust me, that's a .22."

    "How about those ones after it?"

    "Oh, that's a .38 Special, probably some gang-banger shooting the person with the .22."

    "Shouldn't we be heading indoors? Shouldn't we be calling the police?"

    "Been meaning to ask you about why you wanted to have a conversation outside this late at night, but as for the police, they have gunshot sensors on the utility poles here, so they already know."

    Minutes later, sirens could be heard clearly very close by.

    This sort of crap happened every Friday and Saturday night one place where I've lived.

    Being more worldly doesn't always come with benefits: be happier that you thought that you could hear coyotes the first time.

  6. We had such fun!!!

    Maybe I'll hear some coyotes when I come visit you!

  7. Funny. When I was a kid living in VERY urban Chicago, the neighbor had a hybrid wolf/shepherd that would howl like crazy when an ambulance went by with it's siren going. We kids got such a kick watching him.

  8. Patrice, pls tell your husband we love his new blog, the daily malcontent. Can't make comments on his blog as he uses disqus which I won't use.