Saturday, December 2, 2017

What a nice email!

I just received the nicest email from someone I'd never heard of. It's reprinted here with permission:

I owe you a huge thanks because of your commentary on May 5, 2017: When God Closed the Door, WND Opened the Window.

It was your article that caused me - a 71 year old nobody - to think and pray that I could be a columnist at WND. Your words echoed inside me and said, "You can do it, too."

Last night, my first article as a columnist appeared on WND: Why God Has Not Ended Abortion in America. I know it was God who ultimately set me in place at WND, but I also know, if you had not written your article, I wouldn't be here today.

Thanks and God bless you,

Larry Nevenhoven
Temecula, CA (a blogger, too)
I had to blink back tears upon reading this. All I can say is, wow. Just ... wow.

While I've never heard of this "71 year old nobody" before, I will follow his writing from now on. I have a feeling he's going to go far. Reach out, read his stuff, and support him!


  1. hi i have read his article and i doubt vietnam is the only nation. how about on america own soil the indians? how about iraq? how about the wars still ongoing now and the casualties thereof?
    i would believe the voices have multiplied enormously.

  2. Wow, a powerful and challenging article!

  3. My wife and I have been avid readers of your blog and WND column for over 10 years. We have felt as close to you and your family as to our own. Even closer than some. We have seen your daughters grow into fine young adults. You have been a rock of common sense and conservatism. We have never disagreed with you on any but the most minor matters. BUT, (you knew there was a but coming) we cannot believe you endorsed the ideas in Nevenhoven's column. First of all, the notion that all americans are responsible for the Vietnam War is nonsense. The decison to enter into the war and then to withdraw was the the decision of a few political leaders. Even if some people supported the war (as my wife and I did by the way) there were millions who did not. Nevenhoven is asking us to believe that GOD is willing to punish everyone for the supposed sins of the few. HOWEVER, our main disbelif is the idea that GOD is willing to murder 60,000,000 innocent babies in their mothers wombs in revenge for the suffering caused by the Vietnam War. This is not a GOD we would want to worship. We cannot believe a just and merciful God would do this. When you look at all the misery and suffering abortion has caused for the past 45 years and want us to believe that GOD did this deliberately, then we have to part company. Legal abortion was made possible by the actions of evil people and not by GOD. Patrice, we would like to know if you really support this thesis and if so, why. If you do, we are afraid we cannot reconcile this with the person we have known all these years. Thanks for all the wonderful years we have spent with you and your family.

    1. I am congratulating Mr. Nevenhoven on achieving his dream of writing – NOT necessarily the content of his column. Please understand the difference. I have written many columns that have ticked off enormous numbers of people, but it wouldn’t occur to me to place blame for MY offensive content on anyone ELSE who happened to mention me.

      It would be a sad world if I was unable to read anything that disagreed with my worldview. I think it’s important to read a broad spectrum of opinion. I do not agree with the concept of a monarchy, which does not keep me from reading about the foibles of the Tudor monarchs.

      However when someone achieves a long-sought goal – in this case, establishing a writing career – I think it’s appropriate to cheer him on. If you disagree with Mr. Nevenhoven’s subject matter, please bring it up with him. I appreciate your faithful readership, and ask you not to shoot the messenger.

      - Patrice

  4. Thanks for posting my comment and your kind words. God bless you.