Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Never pass up a good opportunity

I laughed until I cried.

In 2014, it seems a Finnish dog show called Koira Mestar was progressing nicely with a variety of dogs competing in obedience. According to ABC News, "One obstacle involves dogs having to avoid a swarm of canine distractions [toys and food] while making it to the finish line."

However one beautiful Golden Retriever decided never to pass up a good opportunity. By the end, even the judges were applauding his happy-go-lucky enthusiasm.

As some commenters said, "It's the journey, not the destination" and "Fails at competition, wins at life."

As I said, I laughed until I cried.


  1. A full belly beats a dust-collecting trophy, hands down!

  2. I agree that is so funny but a beautiful dog

  3. I can see his thinking, WOW!! all tis for me, life does not get any better.
    Laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

  4. I see my dog "Jackson" has a kindred spirit in Finland. As a matter of fact it reminded me of my sons when they were growing up.


  5. Reminded me of when I took my golden to an introduction to field work. It was an all day session including retrieving of real ducks. During the 'duck' session, my guy went flying by me and was not about to let go of his 'find'. The instructor and other people were trying hard not to bust a gut laughing. The only comment I got from the instructor about my dog was "perhaps you should try some obedience classes first". HA!

  6. SMART dog. Personally, I would have done the same. A bird in the hand.....and all that stuff

  7. That dog ain't no dummy.

  8. Exactly how I go through life.

  9. He may not be well trained, but he ain't stupid! - lol

  10. When we had brittanies they would have done the
    same thing. In fact our second brittany just
    up and hit my husband in the small of his back,
    came down and before the rest of the dogs could
    react, he had gobbled up the penut butter sanwich that had follen to the gound.
    That one was always up to something

  11. Oh thank you for the laugh of my day....Looks like my grandgirlies that live with me....they are a laugh a day too...
    Love from NC