Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mr. Darcy's confusion

Yesterday Older Daughter took Mr. Darcy for a walk in the snow. On the way, she passed a neighbor's gate warning about the numerous dogs therein. Older Daughter reports Mr. Darcy actually had his hackles up.

Later in the evening we all settled in to watch one of our favorite Christmas movies: "A Christmas Carol" with the incomparable George C. Scott.

Since we don't have a television, Don set up his large computer monitor on the microwave stand, and hooked it up to Younger Daughter's computer (which has a CD slot).

Well let me tell you, Darcy was fascinated. Absolutely enthralled at the sight of the movie. He'd never seen anything like it. We laughed ourselves silly at his rapt attention.

What was even funnier was when the scary parts happened. No kidding, Darcy jumped to his feet and cowered against our legs, or hid behind Don's chair.

Such is the learning curve for a puppy, I suppose -- even if the puppy is nearly 60 lbs and six months old.

(September 10)

(December 27)


  1. The George C. Scott version is my absolute favorite adaption! My family and I used to watch it every Christmas Eve after the evening mass.
    We love the part where the Ghost of Marley unwraps the strip of cere-cloth from around his head, causing his jaw to drop open dramatically! I laugh every time despite the grimness of it.

  2. Funny. Most dogs don't care about TVs unless they're making animal noises. My cat watches football and tries to catch the referees in the striped shirts.

    As to hackles up at the neighbour's dogs, Mr. Darcy needs to be taken around other dogs more frequently so he learns to be more sociable. He needs to learn the difference between good dogs to be friends with, and bad dogs to defend against.


  3. Oh my goodness, that last photo makes me want to smother that puppy face in kisses!

  4. Try him with any of the 'Buddy' movies like AirBud.
    My girl-golden would recognize pictures of golden retrievers whether cards or in books.
    SJ in Vancouver BC

  5. Glad to see that Mr. Darcy is still a lap dog! - lol

  6. What a handsome guy! He looks as though he's going to be a lap dog all of his life, I had one that was about 85 lbs, and she never did get over thinking that she was just a little girl! have to love them! and if you can't...I feel sooooooooooo sorry for you!. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and remaining holiday season

  7. I've had several dogs in my life, most notably 3 border collies, but I'm more of a cat man. Mr. Darcy has got to be the cutest dog I think I've ever seen.

  8. Too funny and too cute!

  9. My dog "Jackson" loves to watch professional bull riding. He barks at the screen until the bull runs out of the ring and then he barks at me to tell me about it. Afterward I have to wipe nose prints off the screen.


  10. Looks like Mr. Darcy took right to Older Daughter!

  11. Mr. Darcy is adorable. We have a Golden and she is just the smartest thing.

  12. Has Mr. Darcy seen "Pride and Prejudice" yet? 😁