Monday, December 18, 2017

Dashing through the snow

Is there anyone who enjoys snow more than a puppy?

We had about a two-week period of blech weather: cold, dry, freezing fog. Frankly it was boring. But then we got blitzed almost overnight with six inches of light fluffy snow.

Mr. Darcy is convinced it fell solely for his amusement.

We've devised an active game for Mr. Darcy. Twice a day we take him walking. Don and I start by walking together, then -- when Darcy has trotted ahead and isn't watching -- one of us will split off and start walking the other direction. Eventually Darcy notices, and he'll go pounding after the other person. We'll keep walking in opposite directions, wider and wider apart, and Darcy will race back and forth between us. By the time we're the width of the property apart, he's getting an enormous gallop between us.

Here he's coming toward me...

...and now he's racing back toward Don.

Just beyond Don is a downhill stretch, and sometimes we'll take Darcy on this side so he gets extra exercise dashing through the snow uphill (half the time).

By the time he's dashed between us eight or ten times, he'll finally start to slow down, then Don and I will walk back toward each other so Mr. Darcy has smaller and smaller distances to go. He's an active young dog (he'll be six months old at the end of December) and this exercise has made his muscles hard and firm.

Yep, there's nothing like mixing puppies and snow.


  1. Sometimes a dog's life is a good one.


  2. Boy is he growing fast! He looks like he's having an absolute ball in all that snow. Wish I had all his energy! It's been fun watching him grow since you've had him. Thanks for sharing his adventures with us.

  3. Just what a young dog needs. LOTS of exercise!

  4. Another thought. Looks like the pup isn't the only one having fun in the snow.


  5. Off subject question...can you have the husband of the boss do a quick post on how his tractor has done? Would love to know reliability, time to get parts, anything good or bad to know. I love the price point vs green or orange tractors but would like real world feedback. Thanks, Matt

  6. you don't play fair

  7. What breed is he and what happened to Lydia?

    1. He's a Golden Retriever. Sadly we lost our beloved Lydia last July; see this blog post:

      - Patrice