Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Don't worry, be happy

I receive daily emails from Lisa Bedford and Daisy Luther with Preppers University, offering tips and suggestions for preparedness.

Yesterday's tip was excellent. It went as follows:

If preparedness makes you stressed and anxious, you're not doing it right.

The reasons why we prep are many, but it boils down to one philosophy: We want our families to be safe and comfortable if something unexpected happens.

That should be a positive goal, though, not a negative one.

We don't prep because we're "afraid" of everything. We prep so we don't NEED to be afraid of anything.

If your preparedness endeavors are bringing you stress and anxiety you may need to do some thinking. The goal of preparedness is peace of mind, not worry.

Maybe you feel like you started too late. That's absolutely not true. Even if you start this afternoon, you will be further ahead than you were yesterday. You'll be further ahead than your clueless next door neighbor or your ditzy co-worker.

Begin by thinking about what you are preparing for as "the unexpected" instead of "something bad." That can do a whole lot to help you put a positive spin on things.

Then, focus on how far you've come instead of how far you have to go. All of us, Lisa and me (Daisy) included, have so much further we could go if we only had the time and the money.

No one will ever be as prepared as they'd like to be. Prepping for everything is impossible. But every step you take leads you just a little bit further down that path.

Personally, I found this to be an excellent Proverbs 31:25 example.


  1. The self-reliant lifestyle is one of comfort , hard work,self satisfaction and not relying on "big brother" to help you out in emergencies. Big brother always seems to have strings attached . There is something that feels good about going into the pantry and "shopping" instead of driving to the store .
    There is never enough time or money so we do the best with what we have and what our skills will let us do .
    We do not "prep" out of fear , but out of concern because of what we see in the world around us . God is in charge of our lives , we wouldn't have it any other way .
    Blessings to all

  2. That is very good advice. It is amazing what you can accomplish by doing just a little every day.

    Montana Gal and I have been slowly but steadily building a new home for the last 4 years. Two pallets of flooring (51 boxes) were delivered last week. We try to install just 4 boxes a day. It is Day #4. God willing, our home will have new floor just 2 weeks from now!
    Montana Guy