Friday, June 9, 2017

Prepper bundle now available

This year I'm pleased to participate in the Prepper Bundle consisting of 30 preparedness resources.

This bundle is only offered through next Wednesday. It contains loads of nifty information from a lot of top-notch experts.

Subjects include food storage, meal planning, seed saving, water, security, canning, urban and suburban preparedness, emergency kits, going off-grid, organization, checklists, firearms, a case study of Venezuela's collapse, and even some dystopian literature.

It also includes access to documentaries, short-term membership in preparedness classes, and discounts on various products. In short, a huge bang for your buck.

The bundle is available in three formats:
  • Online only ($29.97)
  • Flashdrive only ($54.97)
  • Online portal + flashdrive ($59.97)

I urge you to take a peek at their website for more details about what's included in the bundle. Don't put it off, though; I should have announced the availability a couple of days ago, when it opened. My bad.

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