Friday, September 16, 2016

Listen to my podcast!

The incomparable Tim Young, aka Self-Sufficient Man, is launching a new venture this week: podcasts.

Here's his announcement:

If you dream of starting a small farm, becoming a modern homesteader, or just long for the simple life, I’ve got some exciting news.

I've been thinking of creating a podcast for a long time -- well over a year. And now, it’s here: the Self-Sufficient Life Podcast!

What's it About?
Lots of people would like to opt-out of the rat race and become more self-sufficient, but they all face a big hurdle: How can they afford to take the leap?

Each episode of Self-Sufficient Life features an inspiring person who has opted out of the rat race and found ways to earn money living more self-sufficiently.

There's no Podcast Like it!
But it’s not just an interview show ... it’s a narrated one-hour podcast, where I share the guest’s story in their words and mine, set against a background of music.

In a way it’s similar to narrative podcasts like This American Life, because in Self-Sufficient Life, I create and narrate stories.

What kind of stories?
Stories of people who figured out how to opt out of the rat race and earn money through sustainable farming, cheese & soap making, pastured livestock and other “traditional” farming enterprises.

But I also feature insightful stories of innovative modern homesteaders. Those who earn money through online marketing, podcasting, YouTube channels, essential oils, authoring Kindle books, selling online courses, blogging and other “non-traditional” ways.

It’s fun, inspiring, and will give you lots of ideas on how to become more self-sufficient, whether you’re in suburbia or in the country.

I've already recorded a bunch of episodes, so get ready to tune in starting September 16, 2016.

And then, get ready to opt-out today!



Tim interviewed me a few weeks ago. He gave (I think) a very clever name to my podcast: The traffic jam that sparked a rural revolution.

You can listen to it here.


  1. That was an excellent pod cast. He does the format well. Having read your book "bear poop and applesauce" I knew most of what you covered but it was nice to here your voice explain it all. All the best to your whole family.

  2. Podcasts are troublesome. I can read faster than they can podcast. Also I can see ahead and skip unimportant/uninteresting sections. A typical podcast is 20-30 minutes reading the same thing; five minutes or less.

  3. Tim is good at podcasts. He and his lovely wife, Liz, used to do podcasts all the time when they were hosting their Nature's Harmony website on sustainable farming. I think he also had a second farming website called where they published information/ podcasts on profitable homesteading. Then Tim and Liz began making cheese. They even had a Kickstarter project fund a nice store front for their cheese on the farm. I think their cheeses even won some awards! Then I lost track of them until recently when I found them publishing books and a new website having to do with prepping and survival skills. And I guess they are making podcasts again. They are good at podcasts! Good luck to them!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth for your kindness! It was a real pleasure crafting Patrice's story...I've been a big fan of hers for a long time!

  4. That was an excellent podcast. I enjoyed it.

  5. What happened to your cheese making venture? And did I read somewhere that your farm is for sale? Oh no!

    1. I still make cheese when I'm milking (which I'm not at the moment). And no, our farm is not for sale. We're very happy here and have no plans to move.

      - Patrice

  6. Sorry Patrice- the question was meant for Tim. I thought I read somewhere that his homestead in Georgia was for sale and has been for a while.