Saturday, September 10, 2016


So I just clicked "approve" on a reader's comment -- and then couldn't find it on the post. Turns out Blogger had shuffled it into spam.

I went into my blog's spam file and found the reader's comment -- as well as a whole bunch of other comments I had never seen and certainly had no intent of filing as spam.

To anyone who kindly posted a comment at some time in the past and then were puzzled when they never appeared, I beg your pardon. I had no idea Blogger would automatically shuffle comments into spam; I thought all comments, even those which clearly are spam, came through for my approval.

Guess I'll start checking my spam folder more often.


  1. Anyway to do a review on your new tractor? Don

  2. Blogger does a LOT of things it shouldn't and DOESN'T do a lot of things it should!