Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What does Matt know?

Here's an interesting little mystery. Yesterday evening's top headline on WND read Matt Drudge Sparks Mystery in 4 Cryptic Words.

The cryptic words appeared on Twitter. The four mystery words were "Have an exit plan."

Since Mr. Drudge hasn't explained what he means by this, needless to say this Tweet has sparked a great deal of speculation and debate.

Blogger Mac Slavo (of made note of this Tweet and wrote something I find irrefutable:

“His exit plan warning may encompass any number of potential scenarios such as a coming shock to financial markets, evacuating major cities in an emergency, preparing for the destruction of our currency, or having a way to get out of the United States in the event of a Soviet-style purge.

"Whatever the case, Matt Drudge understands that his views and comments are followed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, thus we are confident that he would not publicly issue such a warning unless he has access to credible information that supports his claims. That being said, we urge readers to remain vigilant.” [Emphasis added.]

Mr. Slavo adds, "Something has spooked Matt Drudge and he’s not alone."

Time will tell what Matt Drudge meant by his mysterious little message.


  1. It is hard to say what he may or may not know but if you look at the big picture I have never seen so many people with the feeling that something is coming. All different kinds of people in different locations, almost an instinct type of thing. I have seen our dog act strange a couple of hours before a major storm rolls in or buzzards fly in mass for the same reason. I have just never seen this behavior before and that alone is disturbing or should be if you pay attention.

  2. Yes, EVERYONE seems to feel as if something is coming. Even the people whose greatest concern is planning a family trip to Disney World act as if they have ants in their pants.

    Of course, I'm paranoid. I'm a conspiracy nut, I'm trippin' stress hormones, I have too much time on my hands or it's all related to my condition.

    Of course. Absolutely. Everything is actually absolutely fine.


    I need to get a passport. Food, skills, place to run to, network in place...

    ...and no passport. God, the things I forget.

  3. Patrice, thanks to you and Don, Enola Gay and James Rawles we have planned and prepared several 'exit plans'. The comfort knowing this is a blessing. God bless you.

    If someone new is reading this, I encourage them (as I was) to start here: and
    Montana Guy

  4. It's probably either an emp sent with regards from China or a massive bank failure.

  5. Was his post before or after the State of the Union speech? Or it should be called "what the prez and congress think the state of the union is" speech which bears no resemblance to anything real.

  6. Forget the "exit plan".... We need to unite and take back our country. If they come for the guns it may be too late. Just read CJ Box last fiction novel. Breaking Point based on the Sackett Case. EPA gone amok, use of drones & hellfire missiles (which by the way started a major forest fire). I hope he was embellishing the actual case but can see a line of thought that progresses to this point. I hope I am wrong that we will be fighting for our country against our government but I think it is coming to that. Not too distant future either. Based on the SOTU speech and our chief executives threats we are just a short distance from the monarchy we fear. Watch carefully and see what happens next.

  7. Maybe he's just constipated?

  8. His comments have generated considerable speculation in various parts of the blogosphere and internet. The thing I find personally most interesting is that he has not otherwise followed it up.

  9. Was he perhaps discussing the people who wound up stranded all over the south when a winter storm hit? I find it interesting how many thousands of kids were kept at the schools. Even the "light dusting" the mayor said he was expecting can wreak havoc there. Don't worry though. The government will take care of the kids.

  10. We should have an exit plan in case The Obama doesn't...

  11. Hi Patrice,
    I'm not sure if you should post this or not. But, I am an avid reader of Survival Blog. And in the Odd 'n Sods section of today's posting was a link to a scary article.

    I'm not at all familiar with the website that it sent me to. So, that is why I'm not sure if you should post this. It's your call. I would hate to direct people to a questionable site.

    Anyhow, the article is "Threatening Letter About the Superbowl" and it discusses a potential False Flag event. Maybe this is what Matt Drudge was referencing.

    1. I can only speak for myself on this; I read that article and it was nothing but crazy conspiracy theory. They doubled down on the crazy theory that we attacked ourselves on 9/11. I thought that the things they claimed were bizarre and intended to harm us by scaring people. I cannot imagne what kind of mind creates this bizarre fantasy.

    2. Our liberal-progressive leaders want us to think it's all just a big "conspiracy theory." According to them, we are all a bunch of idiots to believe such foolishness. I see conspiracy theories as being much like a rumor. For 32 years I worked for a major telephone company. Rumors were always flying around, and most of my fellow employees just laughed them off as "silly." We were "panicking over nothing." However, a few like myself began to point out how all those "silly" rumors almost always came true. Many others finally began to agree. Eventually, when we heard a rumor, we took it as fact. It almost ALWAYS was! --Fred in AZ

    3. You have to apply common sense. There are indeed conspiracies, but not everything is a conspiracy. If you read the article cited and believed it then there is nothing I can say to change your mind because your belief would be based on faith and not logic and common sense. The article is either a joke or the ramblings of a sick mind. It is one of the most bizarre things I have ever read.