Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As pretty as a peach pie

I think that's a southern expression, isn't it? "As pretty as a peach pie"...? (If it isn't, it should be.)

It was my turn to bring a dessert to our neighborhood potluck this past week, and I decided to make some pies. But what kind? I decided on apple and peach.

I can up apple pie filling whenever possible, so making an apple pie is literally nothing more than opening a jar and pouring the contents into a pie shell. But despite the fact that I absolutely adore peaches, believe it or not I'd never made peach pie. This was a new venture for me.

I pulled out the recipe book, some jars, two pie plates, and got to work.

First step is to make the pie crusts.

I ended up using two quarts each of the apple pie filling as well as sliced peaches. The pie plates are pretty large, so two quarts fit in each plate very nicely.

For the peaches, I first drained them...

...then added about half a cup of flour and half a cup of sugar.

I poured the mixture into the pie shell...

...then added some pats of margarine.

Rolling out the top crusts.

Ready to bake.

I like to brush the tops of my pie crusts with a bit of milk. Seems to add a bit of crisp to them.

I also put foil around the edges for the first part of baking, so the crust doesn't get too dark (or burn).

I reuse aluminum foil whenever possible (waste not want not), so the pieces I use to wrap pie edges get used over and over.

Halfway through baking, I pull the foil off so the edges can brown. I carefully re-fold the foil to use again next time.

Baked and cooling.

The apple pie tasted great, of course... but the peach pie! Ooh la la, fabulous!

With the dozens of quarts of peaches I canned in early September, I can see a lot of peach pies throughout the winter. Let's hear it for preserving summer's bounty for winter treats!


  1. I remember a TV show on PBS a few years back where folks were recruited to live like pioneers.

    They gave up their regular lives for about 5 months or so to live like pioneers in actual pioneer style. They only ate what they grew, killed, or bartered for. (One episode showed a young boy, inconsolable because his "pet" chicken actually had to be sacrificed for real for dinner.)

    And now my point: In one episode, one of the single men traded durable goods for 2 homemade peach pies because he knew how delicious they were going to be. I can still see him smackin' his lips in anticipation....

    Just Me

  2. Beautiful! Not sure that I've ever heard that saying here in the south. Might be a Georgia thing though.

    I've never made a peach pie but yours looks wonderful. I think peach cobblers may be more common here. Now I make those or blueberry regularly! My absolute favorite!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    p.s. - thinking we're heading back your way just after Thanksgiving. Please keep us in your prayers! So excited!!! j

  3. i really wonder why there is a cover? around here its usually uncovered. but they sure look tasty(when cut)

  4. That looks wonderful Patrice! My oldest makes the most wonderful pies that our family loves. Good job on your peach pie adventure.

    Ouida Gabriel

  5. Pie is absolutely my most FAVORITE dessert in the whole wide world! When I was a kid, my dad was quite the amateur baker, and pies were his specialty, especially pumpkin, apple and cherry. He had his own excellent recipe for pumpkin pies where he added extra ingredients to a can of pumpkin filling. Even those who don't like pumpkin pies loved my dad's, and he gave the recipe to my wife. We enjoy them every Thanksgiving and Christmas. He also had a special recipe for apple pie. Open-faced with lots of butter and cinnamon, sugar and flour mixture, and delicious! Peach pie sure sounds good. We've had peach cobbler many times, but never peach pie. Gonna have to try it one of these days. --Fred in AZ

  6. Now I am hungry for peach pie.... Going to make that for Thanksgiving..... YUM!!!!!! Love your Blog... can't wait till your next posts...

    Pam in pa

  7. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)November 13, 2012 at 6:21 PM

    How timely! I have bags and bags of frozen peaches from a neighbor's tree in my freezer. Guess what my family is going to be surprised with this Thanksgiving?

  8. Patrice,

    For someone who never made peach pie, you sure did good 1st time out!!! Both pies look amazing. I hope you enjoyed the potluck dinner.

  9. Scrumptious!!! There is nothing like a great pie. In fact, since I am not a fan of cake as a rule, I have a Birthday Pumpkin Pie every year now. Nothing better, but I may just have to try the Peach!

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA

  10. Patrice,
    Just curious, why margarine instead of real butter?
    Kelly in K'ville, NC

    1. I wondered this as well. Butter is so much tastier, and better for you! (The US medical community would have you believe otherwise).
      The pie looks wonderful, those pictures are making my mouth water :)

  11. I have never tried peach pie, always cobbler at our house. Thanks for a new idea on using up all the peaches I have canned!

  12. Being a California girl, I am surprised by how many people commented that they have never had peach pie! It is a staple at just about every restaurant and house in the area where I grew up.
    Your pies look so good that I think I might make one tonight.
    We have an amazing peach cobbler recipe from my mother in law, in fact she once sold one for $300 at a dessert auction. But sometimes you just need a slice of peach pie.

  13. Don, I think you should get your baking wife a pie crust shield for Christmas. They are cheap- I found one on Amazon for $4.99. I've had mine for 6 years and it looks great.

  14. The southern phrase is "Pretty as a peach". But, after seeing your pies, I think it's fair to say "Pretty as a peach pie" :)

    The 6 Hicks (Texas)

  15. Add a little almond extract!!! It brings out the flavor and is so yummy!

  16. .

    I hate these pie baking stories 'cuz in the end, Mikey don't get no pie to go with me ice cream...