Monday, November 26, 2012

Welcome back, Granny!

Some comments on my last blog post reminded me -- we all need to join together and welcome back Granny Miller!

Granny Miller's blog, if you recall, disappeared a couple of years ago (July 2010) -- a catastrophic loss for her faithful followers. Apparently it was an error on Granny's part. As she wrote, "At the time I accidently destroyed my website, I was caring for a very ill family member. I was planning to retire GRANNY MILLER at the end of the 2010 anyway. Believe me, the loss of my website in those days was the least of my worries."

Granny said it took her over sixteen months to face up to the data disaster, but from the looks of her new website, she's recovered beautifully.

Welcome back, Granny Miller -- we've missed your warm, cheerful, useful, informational, spiffy-snazzy posts!

On a related note, Granny's accidental destruction of her blog underscores the need for regular backups of everything computer-related. I do a full-scale backup of my computer's hard drive about once a week (and use a thumb drive to back up any important files on a day-to-day basis), but Granny's experience taught me I need to back up my blog on a regular basis as well.

Blogger changed to a new format a couple months ago (ug!), but I found some instructions for backing up Blogger blogs on this site, Living Prepared.

Here are the directions:

In your Blog's control panel, if you click and open the Settings Tab you will see a Blog Tools section, click on that tab. It will open another window and you will see an option to Import Blog, Export Blog and Delete Blog. Clicking on the ‘Export Blog’ will allow you to save a copy of the entire contents of your Blog to your computer. A drop down window will allow you to pick where you want to save the file. It’s very simple to use this feature.

(Import Blog will allow you to restore your Blog should it become corrupted or lost by simply using your saved back-up copy)

Remember folks, as Granny Miller can testify -- a stitch in time saves nine. Backing up your computer/blog/whatever can save an enormous amount of headache, heartache, and work.

Now excuse me, I'm going to back up my blog. Again.


  1. SQWEEEEE!!!! I enjoyed Granny's blog so much. It passed before I could get through everything. I'm pleased to see that she is trying to recover some things. She had an tremendous wealth of info on that site.

  2. Thanks for passing this along! I stopped and read the "prepper survivelist housewife " post. It reminded me of the 70's when my grandparents and mom still did this because that was how things were done, we do live in a funny time in history don't we? Where common sense is suspect!! LOL Karen

  3. Welcome Back, you were sorely missed.

    There is much misinformation widely spread on the net, but Granny's blog was one of the most down to earth downright informative ones to be found anywhere. It was, for me, a daily read with much more time studying the huge amount of information available.

    So, WELCOME BACK from one of your HUGE fans.


  4. Thanks for letting us know.
    I still have some Granny Miller radio programs on an
    old hard drive somewhere. Always enjoyed her blog.

  5. Great news!!

    I'd just made my way to Granny's (thanks to a certain blogger whose initials are RR/PL..)when she made her untimely departure, and now she's back.

    If it feels this good to us, imagine how good it feels to Granny!

    Go Granny and thank you, Patrice!


  6. Thanks for reminding me. I have been putting this off for...well, for forever. I'm going to do it now. Gonna check out this Granny Miller's blog too. Thanks!

  7. Don't forget about the Internet Archive ( that has been keeping snapshots of everything for a very long time. Pick URL and you can then pick a date for what the page looked like. It's a great way to recover lost web sites.

  8. Don't forget about the Internet Archive ( that has been keeping snapshots of everything for a very long time. Pick URL and you can then pick a date for what the page looked like. It's a great way to recover lost web sites.

  9. Don't forget about the Internet Archive ( which has been storing snapshots of everything for a very long time. Enter a URL and then pick a date to see what it looked like on that day. It's a great way to recover lost websites.

  10. I first read that Granny Miller's blog was back on I was thrilled, I really missed it when it went away. I immediately bookmarked it to my favorites! (Like Rural Revolution)! :)

  11. Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know you or her then, but I will definitely look into her blog. :o)

  12. Thank you so much for posting Granny's new site. I have missed her daily.

  13. I just hope I can find her Pound Cake recipe. It is absolutly the BEST...and I failed to make a print copy of if before her site went down. A tragedy.

  14. Um, Granny seems to have dissappeared again and I was really enjoying her site. Do you know how to contact her?