Saturday, November 21, 2009

To the rescue!

I love men! I especially love country men! Here's why.

My girls are visiting friends and my husband was out of town today. I had a rare afternoon to myself to write, clean house, do some barn chores, and batten down some hatches because snow is expected tonight. Nothing unusual. Everything was fine.

A few days ago we moved the cattle from their summer pasture to the wooded side of our property. This way they have access to our limited barn space in bad weather. The older animals are used to the routine, but it's all new to this year's calves, who have never been in the wooded side before.

Then Beefy, our little four-month-old bull calf, escaped. (A neighbor notes that most fences are merely decorative, and I concur.) It's impossible for a lone person to herd a wily little bull calf who doesn't want to be herded and doesn't know where to go. After an hour of increasing frustration (with all the rest of the cattle bellowing in sympathy and looking ready to jump fences themselves), I called the neighbors on one side to get help. No one home. I called the neighbors on the other side. No one home. I called a third neighbor. Not home. Since I was now out of neighbors, I called my friend Enola who lives a mile away and asked if I could borrow her husband to help me herd Beefy back inside the woods.

"I'm in town right now," she said (they only have cell phones, no land lines), "but I'll tell Sir Knight to go over the moment I get home."

I thanked her and tried to calm down. (So much for my quiet peaceful afternoon.)

Within ten minutes I saw an ATV coming down the road. Then another. Then a truck. Then another truck. Up pulls Sir Knight. And Dallas (another neighbor). And Master Hand Grenade (Sir Knight's son). And Sam (a friend). Then Zack and Nathan (Sam's sons). Suddenly I had six strapping men and teenage boys, all come to my rescue!

"When you put out the alarm, we don't mess around!" announced Sir Knight with a grin.

With so many willing hands, little Beefy didn't stand a chance. He was back with his mama in five minutes.

Oh, I just LOVE country men!


  1. It is amazing how God sees a person in need and then sends the right help. All that is necessary is to ask for a little help.

  2. And country men LOVE country women.

    See Ya

  3. I think liberal women's problem with men is that most of them have never met a real one. You are blessed to live near so many! As am I, near our little hick town.

  4. What are you doing herding cattle? Shouldn't you be debating constitutional issues with Ralph? =P

  5. Just one of the reasons I love gentlemen. And when I say "gentlemen" I don't mean wimps, I mean big strong men who are in control of themselves enough to be kind and gentle with those weaker then themselves.

    What a blessing those men where to you!
    Make those guys some cookies or something !

  6. I love how neighbors in the country help each other.