Friday, November 6, 2009

Goofy puppy pix

I was making applesauce the other day, using my apple peeler on the apples. Younger Daughter took some of those loooooong peels and fed them to Lydia. It was like watching someone trying to eat spaghetti.

Gosh, what am I doing posting goofy puppy pix on my blog, much less making applesauce? I should be debating constitutional issues with Ralph.

Okay okay, I’ll stop.


  1. When we made apple pie filling and the two 3 year olds got tired of "helping" they wanted to feed the doggies the apple peel spaghetti. I think the dogs ate a little but later I found a big ole pile of apple peelings by the fence.

  2. While debating the Constitution is important, you must have a little cute or amusing every day.