Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gun control is using two hands

A few friendly reminders from those of us who take the Second Amendment seriously.

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  1. I certainly agree. Will pass to all I know. Thank you for starting my day with your great post.

    See Ya

  2. I love it! I also find it odd how bizarre it feels to see women holding guns. I think I'm ready to get comfortable with the image.

  3. What puzzles me as an Englishwoman who has never owned a gun in her life and never intends to is, why do Americans apparently feel so threatened all the time?

    Some years ago I spent a long holiday touring the West (I'm a big fan) in a hired car. Covered 2000 miles. Didn't take a gun and nothing happened to give us the slightest worry. Were we just lucky?

  4. The Number one reason NOT to fire "Marksman" in the Military -- "Opps! I was aiming for center of mass, not a head-shot," my bad {wink}.

    If you fire "Marksman" it is assumed that you have 100% control of your firing. For many in the military, we are not expected to "fire" as part of our primary jobs, and in fact are supposed to use the minimum force necessary to "stop" someone.

    My cousin Marge, a US Marshal always told me, "practice, practice, practice and if you have to fire, don't let 'em live."

    "Why do Americans apparently feel so threatened all the time?"quedula

    Over here, the Law Enforcement Officers come AFTER THE FACT. They are a reactionary force, I'd rather be PROACTIVE and alive, than dead. If you have personal security it is because of those of us that do own and carry firearms.

  5. Quedula,
    you miss the point in that as American's,we have this "Thing" called the second amendment ......
    and some people feel they have the right to take "it" away.... many will go down fighting for it too .

  6. Thanks for the response Tina. I presume that if your gun law was to be altered in any way it would be by means of the usual democratic machinery. It wouldn't be a case of "some people" exerting arbitrary control on other people with differing opinions?

    Could it be the case that the second amendment was introduced at a time when people felt threatened for good reasons, but now people feel threatened BECAUSE the second amendment exists and allows widespread gun ownership?

  7. Actually, Quedula, I believe the 2nd Amendment is more important now than it ever was during the time of the Revolutionary War. It's been demonstrated over and over that when a gov't disarms its citizens, then despotism is only a short hop away. The ability to defend oneself against a tyrannical gov't is a God-given right, not a gov't-given right.

  8. That's an amazing revelation to me Patrice. I had always considered that the US had one of the world's most stable democracies.

    You say "It's been demonstrated over and over that when a gov't disarms its citizens, then despotism is only a short hop away". Can you give any examples?

    If, by some stretch of the imagination, US Government was seized by a despot, which would presumably would have to be in the manner of Hitler in pre-war Germany, he would have control of the mighty US armed forces and the support of a goodly proportion of the population. What would an undisciplined armed citizenry avail under these circumstances? I presume they would have to "take to the hills" and adopt the tactics of a guerilla force. It seems a dubious justification for the second amendment.

  9. Patrice, there's no despotism in the UK, and no one took our guns away. The only guns I've seen were shotguns used for hunting game (mostly pheasants and rabbits). I've never seen a hand gun and I feel 100% safe, far safer than I think I'd feel in the US, where the evidence shows that carrying a gun increases your risk of being shot and killed.

    Guns just aren't a part of our lives. The only gun crime we hear about is mostly in major conurbations, associated with drug dealing and gang culture, but nowhere near the scale of the US. People here are campaigning to get rid of them, not to get armed.

    Most firearms-related deaths in the US are suicides, and your suicide rate is higher than ours, presumably because access to guns is quick and easy. Why you should imagine there's any danger of a despotic government in the US is beyond me.

    I've blogged about guns in the US - you won't like it though.

  10. I find it humourous when Brits pick apart North Americans for owning guns when the rights to bear arms (revelation : Canadians also have said right, we just need a fairly easy-to-get permit) in both the U.S. and Canada derive from a British law.
    Yes , I'm one tough chick . No way am I a match for 3 dudes on PCP who come into my house looking for an easy victim . I live by myself in a high crime area . If somebody comes near my home with abusive intentions , he is leaving in a bag. I am firm in my belief that EVERY single woman should have the ability to blow the brains out of any encroaching pervert.

  11. "We Brits" aren't trying to "pick apart" North Americans Mika, and we have already been told repeatedly how tough you are and how necessary guns are to maintaining this image.

    The purpose our comments is to try and discover what make you like this and whether or not your country is the better or worse for it. You never know we might want to copy you.

  12. I think our British friends do not understand the 2nd Amendment because they are subjects to the Crown, as their countrymen have been for centuries.

    We are not subjects to the Crown because our forefathers took arms against the tyranny of that Crown taxing its distant subjects without allowing them duly elected representation in parliament; forcing its distant subjects to house and feed British soldiers with no recompense; and denied its subjects freedom to choose a religion outside of the Church of England.

    We will never be subjects to any "Crown" again as long as we continue to be armed.

    How's that for an explanation?


    P.S. Even though the entries are old, I can't resist the urge to comment, for anyone else who comes along to get the back story of your blog, Patrice. :)

  13. In fact Melody, the British Passport now describes us as "Citizens". I can remember feeling somewhat peeved when the change was made as I rather liked the archaic "Subject". But then, I've always been a traditionalist.

    You should also know that the modern British monarch wields very little power compared, for example, with the US President, but the very existence of the non-political monarchy helps to deter a dictatorial usurper.
    Judging by some of the posts and comments on "Rural Revolution" this seems to be just what Americans fear.
    In the UK the overwhelming majority of the population can feel some degree of loyalty to the monarch because she is apolitical whereas in the USA it seems that only half the population is loyal to the President.
    Yes, you've helped to convince me, perhaps you DO need your boys' toys . . . .

  14. Look at any gun crime/suicide/accident rates that compare the US with the UK and the evidence is insurmountable that the country with fewer guns and more control has a population that is safer from death by shooting.

    The US constituion is not amendable unless 35 states sign up to the alteration, and this is highly unlikely in a country where guns are part of the culture. Sad but true!

  15. The American love affair with guns is indeed strange to an outsider. Although one can understand the historical imperative, some of the arguments used to justify gun ownership in the 21st century seem to border on the religious and be just as irrational.

  16. Quedula, you asked for examples, and the easy one from recent history would be the disarming of the Jews before the Holocaust.

    And, yes, if there was an invasion we would "take to the hills" using guerilla tactics. As a veteran I can assure you those tactics are working pretty well in Iraq right now.

  17. Gee quedula? You feel safe without guns?
    I challenge you to walk through a poor outer london suburb on a friday night and take the alleys rather than the streets.
    Wearing a purse mind you..
    I didn't think so.
    People who bleat against gun rights are never the ones living among the dregs. They're never the ones who've lost a loved one to violent crime.
    They're sheep, blind and deaf to the slaughterhouse until it's too late...

  18. For all who want to know, as all blogs, forums, newsgroups, all internet communities, etc face every day,
    quedula is a "troll".
    Do not feed it.
    If you want to know more, google 'internet troll.

  19. Many folks abroad love to talk about the "Wild West" gun culture of the United States. I've spent a great deal of time outside the US and have heard this drivel time and time again. It's amusing because what they know of our "gun culture" is what they see on news stories or read in stories. The same goes for so many "gun control advocates" right here as well. They're academics "experts" at their keyboards in their homes.

    The fact remains that cities and states with less restrictive gun laws have LOWER rates of gun crime. Gun laws don't stop gun violence. You need to look no further than the District of Criminals, where guns are nearly impossible to obtain legally.

    The courts in this country have ruled repeatedly that the police are under NO legal obligation to prevent your becoming the victim of a crime. If they have no responsibility, then it stands to reason that only YOU are responsible for your own safety and that of your family. Any government that wishes to take that ability from you is dangerous.

    If anyone doesn't believe that our leaders do not have the ability to become tyrannical haven't been paying attention. People spend way too much time watching nonsense on the television and not enough time being aware. The acceleration of tyranny in the name of preventing "terror" is startling.

    Lastly, for those who think that an armed populace can do little against a mighty modern army need look no further than Afghanistan, where illiterate, poor folk with ill-maintained weapons, no training and no education have held off the world's top military and drove off the Soviets. most Americans are turds, but there are more than enough committed folk out there with the arms and training to make life very difficult for those who underestimate them. Wait and see.

  20. You are 33 times more likely to be shot to death in the USA than in the UK.