Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's UP time, America!

A friend sent this terrific YouTube clip with some words of wisdom from an organization called Up Time America. Enjoy!

If you see injustice, STAND UP
If something needs to be said, SPEAK UP
If you make an appointment, SHOW UP
If you make a mistake, FESS UP
If you’re overstepping, BACK UP
If you get behind, CATCH UP
If they knock you down, GET UP
If you’re out of line, STRAIGHTEN UP
When your boss instructs, KEEP UP
When your elders speak, LISTEN UP
When your teachers teach, SIT UP
When your preachers preach, WAKE UP
When your country calls, MAN UP
Ladies too... WOMAN UP
When the fight is over, MAKE UP
If you’re being hard, EASE UP
If your heart is closed, OPEN UP
If you want to buy something, SAVE UP--
It’s not an entitlement, so SHUT UP!
If you make a mess, CLEAN IT UP
If you drop trash, PICK IT UP
If a car is waiting for you to
walk across the street, SPEED IT UP
If you’re cold busted, GIVE IT UP
If people fall down, HELP THEM UP--
Not the government, YOU STEP UP
If idiots start fighting, BREAK IT UP
If the music is wholesome, TURN IT UP
If the message is poisonous, THROW IT UP
If your words are vulgar, CLAM IT UP
If your words encourage, KEEP IT UP
If your pants are baggy, PULL THEM UP
If the belt’s too loose, CINCH IT UP
If your fly is down, ZIP IT UP
If you’re dressed half naked, COVER IT UP
If you can’t afford stuff, PASS IT UP--
No “bailouts” folks, PONY UP
If you made a promise, you BACK IT UP
And you can take your whining and PACK IT UP
It’s called personal responsibility, so TAKE IT UP
This country was founded on it, you can LOOK IT UP
It’s the American way people, so TURN IT UP
Because when life gets boring, you SHAKE IT UP
When life is good, you SOAK IT UP
When life’s unfair, you SUCK IT UP
When life is funny, you can YUCK IT UP
When life is sad, just LOOK STRAIGHT UP
And life’s too short people, so LIVE IT UP!


  1. Great list. Spoken like a true American.


    See Ya

  2. That's a funny list. Here's one more I'd add to it. If your mouth is getting ahead of your brain CLOSE IT UP!

  3. Talk about proving my theory that people who make list are idiots who can't live there life without being told what to do by other idiots your probably the same idiot that was honking at my grandmother because you didn't think she was moving fast enough.

  4. Here's another one: If you truly believe in what you're saying, STAND UP!

    We've got enough "anonymous" cowards demanding everything be made to suit their wishes who are entirely too gutless to stand up for what they believe. I can respect someone I disagree with if they're brave enough to stand up and admit & fight for what they believe. I find it hard to respect cowards who gripe, complain, and criticize behind the protection of anonymity.