Friday, November 6, 2009

Cows in the cornstalks...

After a night of absolute screaming wind (it's still screaming, actually), I woke up to find all our livestock in the garden.

It's not a big deal since everything is harvested, except for some onions that got stomped, but that's okay.

Fortunately the garden gate was shut so nobody escaped down the driveway. The only reason I have to worry about cows in the cornstalks is because the garden is contiguous with our young orchard, and cows are famous for either eating buds or, worse, using tree trucks as scratching posts and snapping the trees in half.

The livestock pushed open a part of the fence that was stapled to the back of the loafing shed (the white structure). Right now it's early and everyone's still asleep, but as soon as Don gets up we'll get on our warmest clothes and go fix the fence.

Oh wait, I shouldn’t be chasing cows or fixing fences, I should be debating constitutional issues with Ralph. My bad.


  1. I can almost feel that cold wind blowing just looking at the pictures. I wonder if Ralph has ever done any physical type of work?

  2. Well I can think of three things. First tell good ol' Ralphie to "bite me" and to get a real life where you have to actually work most of the day. Second and thirdly, there are a couple good things about the cows: the garden is getting good and fertilized; and All the happy cows aren't just in California. Keep up the great work. And Bella says 'hi' to Lydia.

  3. You DO have Dexter cows, don't you?

  4. Yep, those are Dexters. Except for the Jersey, of course.
    - Patrice