Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Pet update

Some time ago, a reader asked how our pets are doing. In a word, fine. I thought I'd post pix of the three animals we have right now: Mr. Darcy, Lihn, and Frumpkin.

It's hard to believe Darcy is six years old already. Where does the time go? Here's some recent photos of him:

Frisbee wolf. Darcy "hides" behind a cart, waiting for Older Daughter to throw a Frisbee:

Here's another picture:

One of his favorite perches, surveying his domain while resting his chin on the rail.

Milking some attention for all it's worth.

Evening walk.

Playing in the yard.

Hiking in the woods.

Watching me rake leaves in the side yard.

Dozing with a rope toy.

Enjoying fall.

Snoozing in front of the woodstove.

Now on to Lihn, Younger Daughter's Quaker parrot. This lady is now nine years old.

Lihn gets out of her cage for a couple hours in the morning and a couple hours in the evening. Here she's on the floor, exploring some tankards. (Older Daughter is working on them in the background.)

Don finished a sandwich one day, and it had a few bread crumbs left on the plate. Lihn loves bread. We seldom let her have any, but a few crumbs are fine.

One evening she sat on the perch near my desk and proceeded to groom herself, contorting into amazing shapes.

Every so often I'll send photos to Younger Daughter (currently stationed in Europe) to let her know her pet is safe and sound.

I also periodically schedule vet appointments to get her beak trimmed, since it has an annoying tendency to get overlong very fast. Her next appointment is in early December.

Now for the World's Most Spoiled Cat, Frumpkin (Older Daughter's pet).

Frumpkin was a stray who adopted us several years ago, long before we moved. Older Daughter took him in and spoils him rotten. We don't know his age, but he's in the prime of life and in excellent health.

As you can imagine, he's sticks his nose into all of Older Daughter's business.

Changing sheets is a challenge.

He's strictly an indoor cat now.

Fortunately he has his own "catio" outside Older Daughter's door where he can sit in the sun and survey his domain.

Plus his cat tree is right by the window.

On a chilly rainy morning, Frumpkin cozies up on Older Daughter's bed:

Here he's getting "into" Cat TV (he loves the squirrels!).

So as you can see, all our animals are doing fine.


  1. I've not been to Idaho, but like mashed potatoes, Luv all your pets , I feed a roaming cat here, my mum once had a bird sit on her head and she could feel it had warm feet haha, your photos cheered me up much, my parents are in Heaven,I'm single with no kids, so very alone
    Thank you
    Todd in Canada

    1. Dear Todd, I would strongly recommend getting a pet. I also am single with no kids and no family nearby, but am never very lonely ! My animals are all very affectionate and demand cuddles! Even the chickens. You haven't lived until 3 featherbutts at a time manage to grab lap time! And the dog gets mad and starts barking because he wants up too! And one of the cats tries to join in. Sometimes the only solution is to lay down on the ground so everybody has access.
      Even if I lived in an apartment, I would have a bird. They bring such joy. When time comes to downsize I plan on getting some miniature chickens. They do lay eggs, but don't need as much feed, space, and they don't make as much of a mess. And they like cuddles!

      The Lewis pets help tie their family together. To me, pets( like children), help make a house a home because they bring their own special kinds of love into the fabric of family relationships.
      I still have my mom's old cat from when she went into assisted living almost a decade ago. They still "talk" on the phone some and the cat rubs her face on the phone when she hears Mama's voice. Thankfully she grew out of trying to knock the phone out of my hand when I would be talking to other people, all the while meowing at the top of her voice!
      She transitioned to living with me easily because she always knew me, but boy does she still love her real Mama! And it helped Mama knowing I had her, to be able to go into a 24-7 secure living arrangement. I'm sure the Lewis's feel Younger Daughter's presence more with Lihn around. Like I feel with Mama's cat.

  2. I remember you contemplating getting anther dog after your last one (was it Lydia) passed on. Having a dog in your life increases your happiness and I am a firm believer they will all meet with you in your life beyond earth.

  3. Glad to see that you have a catio. I have written articles about them for our local fish wrap, mainly to encourage more cat owners to keep their pets "in". They are a safe way for cats to be independent, and free without being in danger. Mr. Darcy is quite beautiful!!

  4. My god!!!
    Patrice, thank you for your post, which made me feel old.
    For how many years do I follow your blog? My god!!
    My personnal regards from Spain