Saturday, November 11, 2023

Lots and lots of quail

We had dozens of quail in our driveway today. Could only get a few in this shot.

Winter flocks!


  1. Manna from heaven !
    Yall don't really need herds of animals for meat up there. Just Crack a window and stick your gun out. Sometimes you don't even need to aim except in the general direction. Like at your driveway! You need to take more care to not shoot your vehicles than trying to hit a bird.
    I know you wouldn't do that right by your house, but if you ever needed meat to eat, trapping would probably work well without scaring off future pictures or meals of non-bioengineered meat
    Wonder what they're eating?

    1. Did wonder the taste of quail..

    2. Delicious. Better than chicken. Quail hunting is a big thing too. I've known people that raised tons of them to stock fields for sponsored hunts. Also, people raise them for eggs and meat. They start laying a lot faster than chickens and mature for eating faster too.
      They nest on the ground so are easy prey for critters, as well as their eggs.
      Those in the pictures here are different than the brown ones I'm familiar with.

  2. The quail we have here are bobwhites. They are part of the pheasant family. I saw a couple near my house the other day and realized they're the first I've seen in quite a while. Looked it up and apparently they're declining but it's unknown why.
    Well, they are hunted for one thing.
    Also, the coyote and fox populations around here have really grown, and black bears are down here too now. Since they live on the ground and brush and nest on the ground, they are easy prey for predators.
    Eagles were introduced nearby a couple decades ago and they're not an uncommon sight, so there's a new predator as well, not to mention a slew of others.
    When startled, a covey will flush up, but their thick little bodies don't go far before finding a place to land and hide. Bird dogs like to help hunt them.

  3. Don't forget Cats !! Cats are more destructive than any known wild animal. Cats kill just for the fun of killing. I've been witness to more wild life killings directly attributed to people's house Cats. Where I live, every stray cat is quickly terminated. They killed off all our Gray Squirrels, decimated the Hummingbird population, they kill everything !!