Friday, November 17, 2023

Empty drawers

Remember the hilarious snark I received a couple weeks ago, accusing me of overspending on feminine weaknesses such as clothes, shoes, and jewelry? You might say this is a follow-up post.

I've been on something of an organizational kick lately, a kind of reverse spring cleaning (fall cleaning?). I've been doing a lot of straightening up in the barn. I've tackled parts of the kitchen. And yesterday I decided to turn my attention to my dresser.

It's been a long time since I'd even opened the drawers of my dresser, except for the top three (where I keep socks and undies). The rest of the drawers had a mishmash of older and newer T-shirts, shorts, and sweat pants. I decided it was time to sort through and toss the ones that were too holey for decent coverage.

Also, I did something absolutely unprecedented while vising my parents last summer: I bought two packs of new socks. Two brand-new 10-packs of crew socks. Woot! Seriously, I haven't bought socks in about 10 years, and my old socks were stretched out and holey. Why am I so stubborn about stuff like this?

Anyway, one by one I removed the drawers from my dresser and emptied then. I sorted old from new, holey from whole, and made a pile of stuff which will get tossed in the burn barrel (including my ten-year-old socks).

Then I folded my T-shirts... shorts...

...and my sweat pants, and put them in their own drawers.

Now this is where things get funny. You see ... I had three drawers left over, and nothing to put in them.

This, folks, is why Don and I laughed so long and so hard over that snark about how much I spend on clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Aside from my one linear foot of closet space, this is the sum total of all my garments. Clothes just don't interest me. I have enough to get by and provide for my needs, and that's it.

Now ... what should I put in those three empty drawers?


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    1. That was my first thought, too! A clear opportunity.

  2. I highly recommend marie Jo do style of tshirt folding. Instead of vertically stacking your shirts, fold them over once more and horizontally store them. You’ll be able to see each shirt.

  3. My cats love to hide in drawers! Leave one cracked f1or Frumpkin to find!
    Apart from that. Perhaps you should splurge a tiny bit more and spring for some extras of things. A pack or two of t-shirts, more undies. Since you hate to sew (and from my point of view you are a short step from naked), if shtf and Jesus hadn't come back yet, you have so few things they could wear out faster than you think. There might not be any to buy, even if you could get to the store. What's it going to cost you? Very little, and it may save you a trip to the store later on, if any shopping besides Amazon is still available!
    Something else. When the power goes out for a week or so, having plenty of clean t-shirts and undies and extra sheets helps a lot. Having to use stored water and wash stuff by hand is tedious. Longer than a week or so with no power, all the extra work to get things done would be demoralizing. Extras give you a mental boost, like this one small thing is under control so it's all going to be ok.

    You prep in so many other ways. Prepping to stay clothed is important too. Outer clothes are much sturdier and longer lasting than underthings, even t-shirts, so we need more underthings.

    1. Totally agree with Anonymous 3:27 pm!

    2. I agree as well.
      Debbie in MA

    3. Yes! Good to have extras!!

    4. An amen to the other commenters thinking you need more “back up” clothes. Just get more of your routinely worn basics, such as sweat pants, tee shirts, and footwear. To make things even simpler you could just get a bunch of tee shirts in one size that accommodate everyone from largest to smallest. If they’re too big for the smallest of you they can be knotted at the waist.

    5. Worn out clothing can be used for other things instead of burning. Cotton clothing, silk or wool can be composted. Yes, keep extras of the decent clothes for emergencies.
      Practical Parsimony

  4. I just throw worn out old clothes in a rag bag, especially socks. Great for cleaning, dusting, car washing, refinishing projects, all sorts of things. You can strip up old t-shirts to tie veggies to stakes in the garden. You could braid them up for a new toy for Darcy. But burning? Unless they're 100 % cotton they'll mess up your ashes with toxic gunk and ashes have good uses. If they're cotton, they will compost, but I'd still look for other uses. We take fabric for granted in this country, but have farmed making most of it out overseas. You never know. Don may need to patch some work clothes. Cloth is something else that has escalated in price.
    I guess since I love fabrics and like to sew,it's hard to part with even scraps until they are total trash.
    I buy all my clothes on seasonal clearance sales, and may even save them until the next time that season rolls around to break them out as "new". This summers pickings were disappointing because prices didn't go down much before the inventory seemed to just disappear. I think they're being held back like groceries and canning supplies were there for a while...until prices increase more. Canning lids are ridiculous for something you aren't supposed to reuse. Anyway, you should go ahead and buy some more clothes. They're going to get more costly. Fabrics need good heft to them, good seams preferably double seamed, good fit, and be things you like.
    Also, thrift store finds have been drying up. People are becoming more thrifty, and they're also concerned about disease being transmitted by other people's old stuff. Thrift is good, but too thrifty costs more in the end.

  5. Do you still have bees?

  6. All the old clothes and holey clothes make great throwaway grease rags. Don't burn until covered in grease use.

  7. Hm. All good comments above. However, if it were my drawer stashed with chocolate and coffee! Then I would seriously consider another drawer for the same, but considering where you live I would probably add a few more pieces of outerwear like sweatshirts and heavy duty overalls. Black Friday sales (if they still happen this year) will be here shortly. Maybe take advantage of them? Extra sheets are always great. Great garden frost covers using old sheets.

    And have a blessed Thanksgiving! Mama J