Sunday, November 5, 2023

Funniest snark I ever got

Sorry for the silence, dear readers. Between NaNoWriMo and my usual work week, things have been busy.

I wanted to share a snark I got, which I believe qualifies for one of the most hilarious criticisms I ever received.

Remember my blog post about the $73,000 used pickup truck for sale? Well, I wrote more extensively about it here and received a number of comments on it. One comment was as follows:

"It's his money. He can do what he wants with it. Let's have a look in your closet and see what you've spent on clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc."

I read this comment out loud to Don, and we both laughed. And I mean we howled, clutching our sides with mirth. What I spend on "clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc." is a riot.

So, dear readers, I thought I would take you on a short tour of these typical feminine weaknesses.

This is our closet (yes, our; we don't have separate closets):

This is "my side" of the closet. It consists of my 33-year-old wedding dress (bagged on the right), my church clothes (same skirt/shirt combo I wear every week, winter or summer), two coats (one lighter, one heaver), and a sweater. There's also a backpack hanging from a hanger I use when we take long hikes with the dog.

This is my dresser. It holds socks, underwear, shorts, T-shirts, and sweatpants. This is the extent of my entire wardrobe.

These are my shoes: slippers, sneakers, church shoes, and sandals. I bought the slippers new; all the rest came from thrift stores. Not shown: I also have a pair of snow boots (thrift store) and mud boots (new).

These are my everyday clothes: daily work clothes on the right, evening-after-shower clothes on the left.

This is my jewelry box, a nifty little thing I bought in 1984 at a craft show.

My jewelry is purely costume jewelry, and much of that dates back to my high school and college years. I never wear jewelry these days; most of what's in my jewelry box is kept for sentimental reasons.

So no, my vices do not include "clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc." In fact, I suffer from an incurable form of "clothing blindness."

Now books ....... Okay, that's a whole different matter.

I guess everyone has a weakness. At least I didn't spend $73,000 on them.


  1. I think you touched a nerve with a man with a $73,000 truck whose wife spends money on clothes, shoes, jewelry, and so forth.
    Sometimes you touch a nerve. Sometimes hit a home run. Your newest article on WND is an out of the ball park home run. And, funny enough, it's about money and values too.

  2. My wardrobe consists of short sleeved and long sleeved t-shirts, light weight pants for summer and corderoy pants for winter, and similar skirts. I have 6 pairs of shoes and a pair of snow boots. Two fleeces and a down coat. It was all bought new but everything is at least 3 years old with some 10 or more years old. One of the fleeces and the snow boots were gifts. When I buy anything I work on the theory that it will be worn to the rag stage.

  3. I make most of my clothes then wear them until they are rags! I have made a long wool coat for church, a short wool coat to wear with pants, all my dresses, all my jeans and all my tops. They fit, they are nice until they wear out and the goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and husband think I look just fine. I don’t wear jewelry any longer because the chickens peck at it. I just bought a pair of new boots. It’s been three years.

  4. I buy five short sleeved t-shirts every year, because doing farmwork is hard on them. I managed not to need a new pair of jeans/work pants this year, because I discovered Duluth's firehouse pants a couple years ago, and they hold up better than anything I've ever had. When my clothes get tight, I go on a diet til they are loose again, so I don't have to replace them for not fitting anymore. I only wear jewelry to church, and I might have spent $250 total over the last 10 years on jewelry. Maybe. My barn boots get replaced every year, because by the end of the season they are cracked. I wish I could find longer lasting, better quality ones. If I had money to waste on something I don't need (like more clothes or jewelry), I'd spend it on books or on a date with my husband or on a sushi lunch with my daughters. Not clothes, shoes, or jewelry, LOL.

    1. Have you tried Muck boots? Expensive but I used to get 2 years out of them.

  5. Dear Patrice: You would make more money as a clothing organizer than you make as a writer!! You can start with my closet... then move to the kitchen, the bedrooms and the basement. I can use the help!

  6. Dear Patrice: I meant no disrespect re my comment suggesting you become a professional organizer. Just wanted you to know that I thought you would find it humorous. Obviously, that did not come through in my words.

    1. LOL – believe me, I took no offense. Ironically I just finished organizing some spaces in our barn, too.

      - Patrice

  7. Patrice, thank you very much. It had been a tough day and that post made me smile and laugh out loud. Thank you again.

  8. Dear Patrice: Thank you so much for your response. I really was concerned that I had offended you. I admire you so much and wish I could accomplish one tenth of what you have. Also, I started purging one of my closets.. see what you have done!!!

  9. $73K is way out of our budget!! We've purchased two used vehicles in the last four years and didn't even come close to the price of that single vehicle. We tend to run our vehicles 'til they don't run no more. My truck had 307,000 miles on it. I'd still be driving it today if somebody hadn't t-boned me this past summer.

    As for clothing, I do lean bit towards the thrift shop brand. Mind you, I buy new work clothes and I do have a fondness for 501s. I got lucky once and found pair of 501s at a thrift shop. My work clothes become my yard and shop work clothing once they become to worn out to be presentable. And when those start falling apart, the shirts become shop rags.

    The one thing I can't bring myself to do is buy thrift store shoes.

  10. most can not amagine living like you do!to busy keepin gup with jones, neighbors, or somewone else who is in dept up to their ya ya's