Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Tied to the keyboard

Holy cow, have I been doing a lot of writing lately.

I have deadlines coming out my ears this month. Sometimes it works that way, where all the separate threads of the various outlets I write for come together at the same time and results in a deadline rush. This month I have four columns, six articles, and a book due.

My most time-sensitive commitment is my next Amish romance (currently unnamed) which is due July 1. Gotta get that done!

And then, darn it, I keep getting emails from various magazine editors asking if I can complete an article on such-and-such a topic by such-and-such a date. I make it a policy never to turn down an assignment unless it's an impossibility, so that fills up my calendar.

Oh, and don't forget my weekly WND column. Add to this an online job that keeps me occupied three days a week, and boy howdy my schedule is full. It certainly keeps me tied to the keyboard.

But you know what? I celebrate this. To be a professional writer is very much a dream come true, and I happily accept all assignments that come my way. It's a privilege to work with these editors, and I'm honored to be asked to provide a last-minute article because it means they trust my abilities.

So while I might groan when I get yet another email from yet another editor, I think back to the days when I would have given my eye-teeth to get such an email. Then I smile, accept the assignment, scribble it on my calendar, and get to work.


  1. Congratulations Patrice. This is very well earned.

    I am sure given the current state of affairs, writers like yourself who have done seems to be a need at this point, are very much in demand.

  2. Congratulations on your obvious success.

  3. Always know that writing is your most fun thing to do, and when we invest in that fun thing we love, it is never work! Having been one of your readers for years, we have really appreciated your talents! Very happy you are busy with what you love!

  4. I look forward each week to reading your column with WND. I love the blog posts. I have read your books and many articles. My kids even know who/whom (in reference to your last article on WND) I am speaking of when I say Patrice said this or Patrice covered such and such. I thank you for your work!

  5. And then you take time to write about it here. You are amazing! I look forward to reading everything when you're done.

  6. My Saturday mornings aren't complete without your WND articles

  7. Good point. I too am a pro writer and while I groan about all the work that comes my way, it's a good reminder that so many people would love to see their names in print and be paid as much as I am.

  8. Congrats!

    And I'm jealous lol

  9. Like Grandma used to say, 'If you want a job done, give it to a busy person'.
    Montana Guy