Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Feed me!

Yesterday I noticed a new type of bird at the feeder with darling little tufts of facial feathers above its eyes.

For a moment I wondered if it was another species of LBJ (Little Brown Jobbie) until I noticed it engaging in classic fledgling behavior: ruffling up its feathers and opening its beak. "Feed me!"

Okay, it's a juvenile Cassin's finch at that awkward age where it's old enough to (sorta) fly but too young to forage for itself.

So  the parents did what all good parents do: they fed it.

A lot.

And so the cycle of life continues.


  1. We raised four boys and called them the hollow legs when they were going through their crazy always hungry teen years.

  2. Youngsters. Demanding in every species...

  3. Love those tufts!