Thursday, March 12, 2020

Your smile of the day

Let's step back from serious subjects and put a smile on our faces.

Here's a dog who loved the sprinkler so much, he brought it inside the doggy door.

Isn't this nice? Now he gets to share the fun with his humans.

(Original article here.)


  1. Haha I'm thinking one of the kids in the family stopped to take the picture, instead of immediately getting the sprinkler outside.

  2. Isn't that nice of him to share like that? Almost as nice as my cat bringing me a fat corn rat and droping it in my lap.

  3. I don't have a "doggy door". The "Border and Custom Agents" prevent the old boy from bringing in any vermin with the 'Welcome into the house (some of the time) inspection'. No pass - no enter! (Or possibly a quarantine in the dry off area). De-skunking is a long term outdoor quarantine! Natokadn

  4. Very cute, but so glad I don't have to clean THAT up! LOL!