Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Lest we forget...

Never forget.


  1. Somewhere, I saw the words, "I learned all I needed to know about islam on 9/11/2001."

  2. It truly is so easy to forget as life presses forward. Our five children will all young then, ages 3 - 12, and now they are all adults and gone from home. The reminders to remember are necessary and appreciated.

  3. Never forget indeed.

    Big thank you to your daughter and husband doing their duty in the United States Navy.

  4. ...And certain politicians see Trump as worse than 9/11... worse than Pearl Harbor...

  5. Never, ever forget. Or forgive................

  6. TY for Not forgetting. FDNY retired.

  7. Never forget that the US government lied and covered up the truth about 9/11. Muslims were setup to be scapegoats to justify the 17 year 'War on Terror' against Muslims in the Middle East. The THREE towers were taken down by controlled demolition.

    Ridiculous you say? Tell that to over 3,000 professional architects and engineers (including myself), 250 pilots and aviation professionals, 320 commissioned and non-commissioned US military officers, 400 professors, 400 medical professionals, and untold numbers of fire fighters law enforcement and government officials who have risked their careers to demand the truth about 9/11.

    Dock Guy

    1. Bull hockey! Sir! Were the planes that flew into the towers photo shopped. Don't think so.... Sorry for your delusional mind. Might want to ask for another buddy!